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Fallen Rocks From Temple MoundStone Work at Dan on Jeroboam's Golden Calf ShrineGalyn floating in the Dead Sea Reading the Des Moines RegisterAn Israelite High Place of Worship with two Deity stones to worship: A stone for Jehovah and a stone for AsherahGalyn picks up five stones in the dry creek bead of the Elah Valley between Socoh and Azekah were David faced Goliath
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0. Sea of Galilee
1. Dan
2. Caesarea Philippi
3. Hazor
4. Qasrin/Katzrin
5. Capernaum
6. Bethsaida
6. Geshur
7. Korazin
8. Caves of Arbel
9. En Gev
10. Sepphoris
11. Nazareth
12. Elijah's Altar on Mt. Carmel
13. Jezreel Valley
14. Megiddo
15. En Harod
16. Beth Shean
17. Caesarea
18. Shiloh
19. Gezer
20. Gibeon (same as #21)
21. Nabi Samwil (a High Place)
22. Jericho
23. Qumran
24. Bethlehem
25. Beth Shemesh
26. Elah Valley, Socoh, Azekah
27. Ashkelon
28. Lachish
29. Herodion
30. Dead Sea
31. En Gedi
32. Masada
33. Arad
34. Beersheba
35. Avdat
36. Mitzpe Ramon
37. Mediterranean Sea
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Map of Israel

Below is a picture I took of Dr. Carl Rasmussen as he led us down
the side of Mt. Arbel and past the caves of Arbel where
King Herod the Great had rebels pulled to their deaths.

I didn't want to climb down but I figured if Dr. Carl was going I would follow.
I am glad I did. In fact, we followed Carl through all of Israel.
Carl Rasmussen leads the class in scaling down Mt. Arbel overlooking the Sea of Galilee
click above photo for close up of Dr. Carl in action.

Dr. Carl Rasmussen is a professor at Bethel Seminary and Jerusalem University College on Mt. Zion in Jerusalem.
For the best photos and information visit Dr. Carl Rasmussen's site at:holylandphotos.org
To purchase Carl Rasmussen's award winning Zondervan NIV Atlas of the Bible go to:

Live WebCams

Click Photo Above for Live WebCam of Western Wall
Click Photo Above
for Live WebCam of