<%@LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> Jezreel Valley Viewed from Mt. Carmel Where Elijah's Altar Stood
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Jezreel Valley Viewed from Mt. Carmel Where Elijah's Altar Stood

Photo taken from Mt. Carmel in the area that Elijah would have had his altar.

This picture is looking Southeast. There are three routes though these foothills of Mt. Carmel. One is seen along the valley below going off the right side of the photo. The other two are further south. These are the three routes that travels, traders and soldiers would have used through out history. (Notice the dirt road.)

Jezreel Valley

This is the same view as above (you can see the same dirt road) but I have turned towards the left for a little more of the view to the east.

The "V" shape from the two roads to the left middle of the picture is the Israeli airforce base.

Jezreel Valley

Again, this is the same view but a little more to the left or turning towards the north looking east from Mt. Carmel. The "V" or airforce base is to the right of the picture.

This is the Jezreel Valley. Many of the great battles of history have been fought here. Much of Israel's grain comes from this valley.

The road going to the right off the picture is the main route to the north of Carmel to the Mediterranean coast.

Jezreel Valley
This is looking north and northeast of Mt. Carmel. The road that runs right to left across the photo runs through the pass to the coast. This route has always been used for trade routes and military movements in the area. Jezreel Valley

Galyn standing on Mt. Carmel near the location of Elijah's altar with the Valley of Armeggeddon in the back ground and the Israeli Air force landing strip ("V" shape) over his right shoulder.


Galyn Wiemers Standing in front of the Jezreel Valley
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