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Rolling Stone Tomb
This is a one of the remaining tombs with a rolling stone. This tomb is north by Galilee. Tomb with a Rolling Stone
  Tomb with a Rolling Stone
  Tomb with a Rolling Stone
These are burial chambers on the inside where the body would be laid for serveral months. Later the bones would be removed from the chamber and placed in an ossuary Tomb with a Rolling Stone
  Tomb with a Rolling Stone

These are examples of Ossuaries, or bone boxes. These would be placed back in the grave.

(These ossuaries are located near the Garden of Gethsemane on the Mount of Olives. They are not located in the above tomb with the rolling stone.)

This tomb is located in the rock of a main highway through Israel. Tomb with a Rolling Stone

For more information and photos concerning Rolling Stone Tombs visit this page of Dr. Rasumussen's: http://holylandphotos.org/browse.asp?s=1,2,6,27,72&img=ICSHMD01

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