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Fallen Rocks From Temple MoundStone Work at Dan on Jeroboam's Golden Calf ShrineGalyn floating in the Dead Sea Reading the Des Moines RegisterAn Israelite High Place of Worship with two Deity stones to worship: A stone for Jehovah and a stone for AsherahGalyn picks up five stones in the dry creek bead of the Elah Valley between Socoh and Azekah were David faced Goliath
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Sites in Jerusalem
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Hezekiah's Tunnel, Gihon Springs, Pool of Siloam
Temple Mound
Click Here to See Images of the Model of Jerusalem
Model of Jerusalem of 70 AD
Western Wall
70 AD Destruction
The City of David
Click here to see what Galyn and Toni saw on the East side of the Old City of Jerusalem
East Side of Jerusalem: The Wall, Golden Gate, Kidron Valley
West Side of Jerusalem: The Wall, Joppa Gate, Phasael Tower
North Side of Jerusalem: The Wall, Damascus Gate, Herod Gate
South Side of Jerusalem:
Zion Gate, Dung Gate, Southern Temple Mount Wall
Pool of Bethesda
Hinnom Valley
Click Here for Photos of the Citidel in Jerusalem
The Citidel
Click Here to Open Page with Photos and Video of Zion's Bullet Riddled Gate
Zion Gate
Click Here to See Photos of the Garden Tomb and the Place of the Skull
The Garden Tomb
Miscellaneous Photos From Jerusalem
Miscellaneous Photos and Sites From Jerusalem

Live WebCam of
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