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A Labeled Model of one of Herod's Palace Fortresses.

The Herodion is seven and a half miles southeast of Jerusalem.

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just discovered at the base of the Herodion in the spring of 2007.
The Herodion was, in a sense, a man made mountain.


The sides of the entire Herodion were covered with fit stones like these making the man-made mountain structurally secure and impossible to be climbed by an enemy force.

Stone sides of the Herodion


Looking down the slopes of Herodion from beside the east tower.


To the east of Herodion is the location of a hill that Herod had moved to help construct the Herodion.


This is the East Tower as seen standing beside it on the east side of the Herodion.

The picture below shows where I was standing when I took the photo.

Herodion East Tower

The above photo is taken of the remains fo the East Tower from the "X"

The next few photos are taken over the edge into the center of the Herodion from about the same location.

Herodion East Tower
Looking down inside the Herodion from the top of the ridge facing west



Inside the Herodion



Inside the Herodion



Inside the Herodion



This is a picture of the remains of the west side of the East Tower
East Tower of the Herodion
These stone balls would be rolled down that side of the Herodion Mountain at the enemy.
Herodion Defense System

The four photos below were taken in these three locations:
1) The Domed Bath.
2) The remains of Corinthian Capitals
3) The Pillars of a Portico inside the Herodion.

One of the first orbed ceiling to be constructed is found in one of Herod's bath houses in the Herodion

Herodioin Orbed Ceiling

This bath house still has the decorative stucco from 2,000 years ago.
Herodion Bath House Stucco
Toni sits on the remains of the Corinthian Capitals that had decorated Herod's palace fortress he called Herodion. Herodion, Toni Wiemers
Galyn and Toni among the columns of a collapsed portico.
Galyn Wiemers, Toni Wiemers, Herodion
This is the view of the East Tower from inside the Herodion.
Herodion East Tower seen from inside the Herodion

Galyn at the base of the East tower inside the Herodion.






The large water storage cistens for the Herodion can be entered by going down the stairs in this picture.

Galyn Wiemers in the Herodion

The view from on top the Herodion.

Both Bethlehem and Jerusalem are easily seen.

Herodion View


At the base of Herodion was another palace.

Here is a large swimming pool with the remains of an island in the middle.

Herodion and the Lower Pool
This is a ground view of the lower pool.

A royal bath house by the Lower Pool.

Notice the columns in the back ground.

The Stucco in the round bath house in the Herodion
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View of the Lower Pool from Herodion
View of landscape from Herodion. Video begins with the Israeli flag at Herodion
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