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En Gedi

This is water running from the natural springs upstream at En Gedi.

In First Samuel David continued to flee from Saul. David went from one hiding place in Judah to another. In First Samuel 24:1 it says, "After Saul returned from pursuing the Philistines, he was told, 'David is in the Desert of En Gedi." This is the location that David end up hiding in a cave that Saul was also using.


En Gedi
An overhanging rock formation. A good place to find safety from Saul if you were David. En Gedi
One of the water falls of En Gedi

Toni Wiemers at En Gedi


Toni in the water of En Gedi Toni Wiemers at En Gedi
Galyn in the water falls of En Gedi
Galyn Wiemers at En Gedi
  Toni Wiemers at En Gedi

Toni takes a trail higher up En Gedi to another water fall.

Realize that we are surrounded by the wastelands by the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is about a mile to the east of here.

Toni Wiemers walks up En Gedi


One of the upper water falls of En Gedi.

En Gedi


  En Gedi
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