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Dead Sea
Floating in the salt water of the Dead Sea  
The wasteland surronding the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea can be seen in the top right corner of this photo. Dead Sea
The Dead Sea is drying up because of the amount of irrigation being taken out of the Jordan River. Read more HERE Dead Sea
The Dead Sea Dead Sea
The Dead Sea from our hotel room in the morning. Dead Sea
A Beach at the Dead Sea Dead Sea

Toni on the Dead Sea Beach.

Notice the salt build up on the rocks and the fence.

Toni Wiemers on Beach at the Dead Sea
The frosty looking coating on the fence and the rock is salt. Dead Sea
Salt covered rocks Dead Sea
Toni floating in the Dead Sea
Toni Wiemers in the Dead Sea
Galyn reads the Des Moines Register while effortlessly floating in the salt water.
Galyn Wiemers in the Dead Sea
  Dead Sea
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