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(Remember the French Peas and the Slushies in Veggie Tales "Josh and the Big Wall"?)
This photo was taken on top of the tel (remains) of the ancient city of Jericho.
Jericho Tel

This is the outside base (retaining wall) of one of two walls going around Jericho.

The wall that collapsed in Joshua day would have been built straight up on top of this angled retaining wall.

This retaining wall would have itself been higher than the remains show.

Jericho - The Base of the Wall

The same base retaining wall that supported the actual wall of Jericho.

This is the outside wall.

There was another larger inside wall to the left of this photo.

The mud bricks on top of this wall fell down and infront of this retaining wall so that Joshua men would have used the rubble as steps to "go up into the city" and to go "straight in" to the city as Joshua 6:20 says.

Jericho - The Base of the Wall

Cross section of the walls of Jericho.

This image was taken from HERE

In the picture below Galyn stands on the retaining wall that supported the protective wall around the outside of the city of Jericho.

Galyn standing on Jericho's outer wall. This is the retaining wall that would itself have been higher. This wall served as the base to the actual wall that surrounded the city. There is a second inner wall that is to the right of this photo. Jericho - The Base of the Wall

An illustration showing the falling of the walls of Jericho.

This drawing is by Gene Fackler and labeled by Galyn Wiemers. This was taken from this location

walls of Jericho

Rooms infront of Jericho's outside retaining wall.

This could be Rahab's house in the city wall.

Excavatioin revealed that the city had been destroyed by fire but that the walls had fallen down first.

Jericho - Rooms Outside the Wall

Pottery in Jericho's rooms by the wall.

The city was filled with grain which indicates two things:

1) the city was not plundered since grain was very valuable as a trade commodity and would normally have been taken

2) the city did not under go a long siege which normally included months of being trapped in the city and starved. This city fell to its enemies suddenly.

Jericho - pottery
A view of the very large tel of Jericho.
Jericho Tel
More of the unexcavated tel of Jericho.
Jericho Tel
On top of the remains of the city of Jericho. Jericho
Walls in Jericho that date to 2200 BC. Jericho - Walls from 2200 BC
The walls from 2200 BC and the excavation around them. Jericho - Walls from 2200  BC

This the base of a tower in Jericho from the Neolithic period from 8300-8000 BC.

There have been over 20 cities built on top of each over since 9000 BC at this location. This makes Jericho the oldest inhabited city on earth.

Jericho Tower from the Neolithic Period of 8300-8000 BC

A close up of the blocks used to build the tower in Jericho 10,000 years ago.

This tower stands 28 feet high today and is 25 feet wide.

Jericho Tower Bricks built around 8300-8000 BC
The natural water source that flows into Jericho makes it an oasis in the wilderness.
Jericho - The City of Palms

Jericho was called the "City of Palms" in Judges 3:13. Here the modern city of Jericho, with the ancient tel of the city in the forefront of the picture, is still covered with palm trees and vegetation.

I bought a fresh box of dates at a fruit stand here. Now I now I don't like dates, but they looked good.

Jericho - The City of Palms
The wilderness just outside of Jericho Landscape outside Jericho
The remains of the ancient city in the lower front of the picture with the dry wilderness in the background.
Jericho Tel
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