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Beth Shemesh
View the Sorek Vally (vineyards of Samson's day), Zoar (Samson's home) from the tel of Beth Shemesh
With this video clip view from the tel of Beth Shemesh the Sorek Valley (Location of Vineyards of Samson's Day and Delilah's home), Timnah (the Philistine city to the west) and Zoar (Samson's Home)
Inside the city of Beth Shemesh
View the the tel of Beth Shemesh from the inside
The Tel of Beth Shemesh
Watch video taken by Galyn on the tel of Beth Shemesh

This is a view of the tel of the Old Testament city of Beth Shemesh.

When the Ark of the covenant returned to Israel from the Philistines on the cart in First Samuel 6:9 it came and stopped in a field just to the north of this picture in the Sorek Valley

Beth Shemesh
Standing on the tel of Beth Shemesh. The modern city of Beth Shemesh is in the background.
Beth Shemesh

Galyn walking on Beth Shemesh with the Sorek Valley in the back ground and the location Zorah on the hill behind the valley.

This was the area that Samson was born and grew up.

Judges 13:2 names Zorah as the home of Samson's parents

Galyn Wiemers in Beth Shemesh

This is the Sorek Valley. It runs from here into the Philistine territory.

Samson would have walked through these vineyards to the city of Timnah to see his girlfriend/wife. It is in this valley that Samson would have killed the lion. (Judges 14:5, 6)

Delilah also lived somewhere in this valley. (Judges 16:4)

Sorek Valley
Samson's hometown of Zorah. The Sorek Valley is below. Zoar
Toni stands on the tel of Beth Shemesh
Toni Wiemers in Beth Shemesh

Galyn sitting over an arch in the building remains of the city of Beth Shemesh.

This city is mentioned as one of the Levitical cities in Joshua 21:16 and 1 Chron. 6:59 which may account for the ark arriving here.

Galyn Wiemers in Beth Shemesh
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