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Fallen Rocks From Temple MoundStone Work at Dan on Jeroboam's Golden Calf ShrineGalyn floating in the Dead Sea Reading the Des Moines RegisterAn Israelite High Place of Worship with two Deity stones to worship: A stone for Jehovah and a stone for AsherahGalyn picks up five stones in the dry creek bead of the Elah Valley between Socoh and Azekah were David faced Goliath
Avdat is a Nabatean City founded around 150 BC. Between 300-600 AD the city flourished and was destroyed when the Persians swept through the land of Israel 614 AD. Avdat
This was originally a major stop on the spice route taht ran from the ARabian Peninsula to Gaza. Avdat
Walking through the houses, walls and streets of Avdat. Avdat
A stone wheel used for grinding grain Avdat
Toni looks at where to wine would leave the wine press for the vat Avdat
An Arched enterance Avdat
Toni looking into a church Avdat
A figure carved into the door frame of the chruch at Avdat Avdat
The Altar at the front of the church Avdat
The remains of the front railings in front of the altar at the front of the church Avdat
The Altar behind the railing at the front of the church Avdat
To the left of the altar was where the pastor spoke from a raised podium Avdat
A room to the right of the altar Avdat
Decorative stone work above an doorway at Advat Avdat
This is a fragment of the f ront legs and rear foot of a running horse carved in stone that Galyn picked up among the rocks at Advat.
Horse in stone found at  Advat by Galyn Wiemers
A residence at Advat Avdat
Galyn and Toni find another arch for a pciture. Avdat
Leaving Avdat Avdat

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