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Bible Teacher Galyn Wiemers, Bible Teaching

Bible Teaching
by Galyn Wiemers

Bible Teaching, Bible Study, Teaching, Verses, Sermons, online, mp3, classesA Bible Teaching Ministry of Galyn Wiemers


Generation Word is a Bible teaching ministry focused on assisting believers in the pursuit of spiritual maturity
and the production that comes through understanding God's Word.
This ministry exists "to prepare God's people for works of service" in the vision God has assigned to them.
Generation Word provides:
Verse by verse Bible Teaching, Online Bible School, Bible study audio, Bible Class video,
Verse by Verse notes, Bible Maps, Israel photos, Bible teaching in .mp3, church sermons, Bible school classes,
photos of Jerusalem, Old Testament Maps and online Daily Bible Study Devotions!

This week's Bible teaching from Generation Word classrooms on video and .mp3 audio with notes:

Sunday 12/9/18

Ephesians 4:4-6-part three
mp3 . . . Notes

Ephesians Series Archive

Ephesians Series on Vimeo

Monday 12/10/18
Framework Bible School
New Testament Survey
Revelation 4-5
The Throne Room

.mp3 . . . Notes/Timeline

Bible School Series Archive

Bible School on Vimeo

Tuesday 12/11/18
Minor Prophets

.mp3 . . . Notes

Minor Prophets Archive

First John on Vimeo

Scroll through and select to play from 60 of Galyn's videos from Israel HERE


Exploring at the base of the Temple Mount SW Corner

Galyn Wiemers is a Bible teacher that teaches Bible Studies from scriptures at
3 location in West Des Moines, Iowa (Map Here for Monday and Tuesday nights)
Generation Word Church
meets each Sunday for at Valley High School in WDM at 11 AM. - Directions
(Enter on west side of building off 39th Street: Valley High School, 3650 Woodland Ave.)

View or download Bible Teaching books by Galyn Wiemers HERE
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