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Topical Teaching

Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture
The Jerusalem textbook can be downloaded by clicking the title below or the cover of the "Jerusalem" book:
............................... "Jerusalem: History, Archaeology and Apologetic Proof of Scripture"

There are many onsite videos of Jerusalem located here

1. MP3 Video

1-Biblical Jerusalem

2-History of Jerusalem

12-Mount of Olives

9-Kidron Valley

13-Mount Moriah

25-Hezekiah's Tunnel

49-Siloam Road

50-Siloam Pool


2. MP3 Video

3a-Map of Today's City

3b-The Four Quarters



4-The Walls Today

8-Old Ancient Core

47-South Temple Wall

34-Temple Mount

62-Cardo Maximus

3. MP3 Video

Beginning on page 17

History of the city of Jerusalem and the periods of time

5-The Gates Today

6-Archaeology Periods

18-Gihon Springs

25-Hezekiah's Tunnel

50-Siloam Pool

21-Temple Mount Solom

34-Temple Mount Herod


4. MP3 Video

27-Nehemiah's Wall

1-Biblical Jerusalem

(beginning on page 17)

5. MP3 Video

Western Wall (part 1)

Western Wall (part 2)

Western Wall Tunnels

Solomon's Quarries  

Photos and Notes:

33-Ashlar Stones

34-Temple Mount

37-Western Wall

38-West Wall Tunnel

23-Solomon's Quarries

67-Temple Mount

6. MP3 Video

Inside Double Gate

Temple Mount
and Mount of Olives

Model of Jerusalem

View Temple Mount from Mont of Olives  

Photos and Notes:

44-Robinson's Arch

21-Temple Mount

67-Temple Mount

66-Dome of the Rock

65-Al Aqsa Mosque

Beginning on p. 99
7. MP3 Video

Church of the
Holy Sepulcher  

Photos and Notes:

52-Holy Sepulcher

53-Garden Tomb


8. MP3 Video

Roman and Byzantine Period

Photos and Notes:

62-Cardo Maximus

64-Nea Church

2-History of Jerusalem

9.   Video

Bordeaux Pilgrim
in 333 AD

Photos and Notes:

333 AD - Bordeaux Pilgrim

-   Video

(Previous class #9 condensed.)


Nea Church

10. MP3 Video

Beginning on page 14

History 333 AD-1948

11. MP3 Video

Beginning on page 23

The Modern Walls

Jerusalem's Gates

12. MP3 Video

Beginning on page 47

Valleys and Mounts around Jerusalem


13.   Video

Beginningon page 66

Gihon Springs

David's Palace


14.   Video

Beginning on page 83

Hezekiah's Wall

Hezekiah's Tunnel

Pool of Siloam

15.   Video

Beginning on page 93


Tombs in the Kidron

Herodian Ashlars

SW Corner of Temple Retaining Wall

16.   Video

Beginning on page 110

Herod's Temple Mount

17.   Video

Beginning on page 123

Western Wall Tunnels

18.   Video

Beginning on page 142


19.   Video

Beginning on page 161

Siloam Road -



20.   Video

Gordan's Calvary


Phaseal's Tower

Tombs in the Kidron Valley and around Jerusalem

21.   Video

Page 215

Roman, Muslim, Crusader Period