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34- Temple Mount of the Herod

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This is a diagram of the retaining walls that created today’s Temple Mount. The Ark of the Covenant was located on the exposed bedrock, which is still visible under the Dome of the Rock. The original platform for the Temple Mount that served Solomon’s Temple was 500 cubits by 500 cubits (861 feet x 861 feet). This is designated by the inside square walls labeled “Solomon’s Original Platform Wall”. This square was filled in, and the Temple of the Old Testament stood there. The Hasmoneans extended the Temple Mount to the south by adding about 134 feet. At the point that the Hasmoneans began to build on the eastern Temple Mount wall there is a slight bend in the wall. This bend is slight but can be seen drifting slightly towards the east. That bend begins at the 500 cubit (861 foot) mark. The Herodian addition to the Temple Mount platform, or the distance from the southeast corner to the Straight Joint, is 105.5 feet. The Straight Joint is a very visible straight line created by courses of stones butted up against the Hasmonean stones on the east Temple Mount wall by Herod the Great when he began to expand the Temple Mount in 19 BC.

View of Herod's Temple Mount from the west side.



The west side of the Temple Mount is to the left and the south side is on the right side.


Looking at the southwest corner of the Temple Mount retaining wall.


A view of the west retaining wall. A portion of this is seen today and is known as the Western Wall at the Jewish prayer plaza.

The south side of Herod's Temple Mount where the Double Gates (left) and the Beautiful Gate (right) can be seen.


View of Herod's Temple Mount from the south. (model)


View of Herod's Temple Mount from the east.

View of Temple from the east side.


The north side of Herod's Temple Mount with Fort Antonia on the northwest corner.
Surviving remains from the Temple Mount of Herod: (go back to top)

Decorative carving in the stone lintel (or, jamb, or, side of the gate) remains from the Beautiful Gate leading into a tunnel that led up to the surface of the Temple Mount..


A decorated stone carving from the Jewish Temple Mount in use during Jesus' day.


Another stone carving from the Herodian Temple Mount.


Decoration from the first century Temple of the Jews


A piece of decorated lintel from the Jewish Temple.


A decorative design from 20 BC-60 AD found in the rubble at the base of the Jewish Temple Mount built by Herod the Great.

The Hebrew inscription reads, "to the place of trumpeting to..."
This was the corner railing located at the top of the southwest corner of the Temple Mount.
The Jewish priest would stand infront of the inscription and sound the trumpet to announce the beginning and closing of Sabbath days and feasts.

A close up of the Trumpeting Stone that was found directly under the southwest corner. The Hebrew inscription can be clearly seen on the railing. It is read
right to left, and says: “For the place of trumpeting to . . .” It appears the rest of the inscription was broken off when Charles Warren dug a tunnel through the rubble
in the 1800’s, and went right through this stone. The rest of the inscription may have said “For the place of trumpeting ‘to the temple,’ or, ‘to herald the Sabbath.’
Josephus describes this place on the Temple Mount wall when he writes:

Above the roof of the priests’ chambers, . . . it was the custom for one of the priests to stand and to give notice, by sound of trumpet, in the afternoon of the approach, and on the following evening of the close, of every seventh day, announcing to the people the respective hours for ceasing work and for resuming their labors. - Josephus IV:9:12

The remains of Robinson's Arch that supported a stairway, walkway and bridge into the Temple Courts.



The worn steps on the south side of the Temple Mount that led up to one of two gates that led worshippers up tunnels onto the surface of the Temple Courts.


The Triple Gate marks the location of the Beautiful Gate. Some of the lower stones can still be seen.


Galyn Wiemers walking across the Temple Mount towards the Eastern Wall.
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