A- Entrance to Bethesda

B- Site of Pool of Israel

C- Ecce Homo Arch

D- Site of Fort Antonia

E- West face of 1st tower, the channel of an aqueduct marked by irregular covering slabs

F- Small section walled in center at ground level enshrines a sloping glacis

G- Wall follows rim of quarry which extends across road to bus station

H- Under Damascus Gate Bridge - Tenth Roman Legion Mark

I- Three doors, Rich lady named Tansuq, died 1398

J- Tomb for rich lady Tansuq

K- Hospice of the wise blind judge from 1267 which was made a prison by Ottomans

L - Road over Wilson's Arch

M- Tomb of Lady Turkan from the east, inscription of father/grandfather, Khans Golden Horde

N- Roman Pillar - 200 AD - Inscription honoring Marcus Maximus, gov. of Judea or 10th Legion

O- Hezekiah's Pool

P- Entrance to Hezekiah's Pool through Coptic Khan - ask to see through windows also view from          

            Petra Hotel and NE Tower of citadel

AA- Restored Cardo Maximus

BB- Cardo Maximus

CC-Cardo Maximus

DD- View ancient walls underground - 3 pieces from 600's, part of Middle Gate of Jer. 39:3, 586 BC

EE- View Crusader Shop fronts underground

FF- View Crusader Markets Underground - Crusaders built arched covers over Byzantine Cardo

GG- Access to the roofs

HH- 700 BC walls and Cardo

II - 600 BC Tower - on north wall in line with DD

JJ - 700 BC Broad Wall from Neh. 3:8 connects with HH

KK - Burnt House of High Priest in Upper City

LL- Wohl Archaeological Museum - Herodian Houses

MM - The Column

NN- Apse of the Nea Church

OO - Herodian Paving

PP - Roman Milestone

QQ-Slight projection of Ashlar

RR- Remains of Double Gate

SS- Straight Joint

TT- Burnt Arches

UU- Western Boor Jamb of Triple Gate

VV-Council House

WW- Ritual Bath House

XX- Inscription above Double Gate

YY- Trumpeter's Stone

ZZ- Ashlar Stone with projection used for pulling Ashlar which was not removed (3 rows up)

AAA- Foundation stones just north of Golden Gate with Herodian stones about #11-13. Offset just north of Gate

BBB- Excavation on Mount Zion of Hasmonean Wall

CCC- Wall from 900's BC

DDD- Stepped Street to Siloam Pool

EEE- Ancient Tunnel under Siloam Street

FFF-Huge Canaanite Fortress

GGG- Siloam Pool

HHH- Herodian Wall

III- Hasmonean Wall

JJJ- Tower

KKK- Baulk - open archaeological trench

LLL- Herodian Wall

MMM- Herodian Tower

NNN- City Gate

OOO- Turkish Tower

PPP- Midieval Tower


  Suq el Qattanin = Shopping Arcade




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