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Model of Jerusalem as it
Appeared Before the Destruction of 70 AD

Model of Jerusalem from 70 AD



Model of Jerusalem from 70 AD



The Temple Mount



Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD



Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD



Southside of the temple mount from Mt. of Olives



Southside of the temple looking from the Mount of Olives



Southside of temple mount



South Temple Mount Wall with stairs leading into Temple Mount underground entrances



South of the Temple Mount Wall



Southwest view of the temple mount wall



City of David, south of the Temple Mount



City of David



Hinnom Valley south of Jerusalem



The Golden Gate on the eastside of the Temple that leads to the Kidron Valley



Northside of Jerusalem as viewed from the Mount of Olives



Northeast View of Jerusalem




Fort Antonia




Fort Antonia on the Northwest  corner of the Temple Mount



Pool of Bethesda



Pool of Bethesda


Psephinus Tower was 150 feet tall and you could see both the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea from the top of it.

Northwest Side of Jerusalem



Westside of Jerusalem by the Joppa Gate


  The Three Towers that Herod Built on the Northside of his Palace along the west wall
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