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Notes From the Book of Isaiah (Click on the verses below to open the class notes. Audio & Video are HERE.)

chapter 24, 25, 26
chapters 27, 28
chapter 28; Acts 2; 1 Corinthians 14
chapter 28:14-29
chapter 29:1-24; Ariel; Drunk on Religion; Upside Down; Potter and Clay
chapter 30:1-33, Worthlessness of Going to Egypt for Help; Rejection of God's Plan, Spirit and Word
chapter 31 & 32, Faithless Actions; Greater Reality of the Spiritual; The Righteous Factor & Potential
chapter 33, Assyria the Traitor; The Lord is Waiting; Righteousness and the Key to the Treasure
chapters 34-35, Nation's Land becomes Desert; Glory of God Makes Desert Fruitful; Highway of Holiness
chapters 36-37, Sennacherib's Invasion, Hezekiah and People Pray, the Lord Delivers
chapter 40, Highway for the Lord's Return; Hope in the Eternal Lord for Strength

chapter 41
chapter 42:1-9

chapter 42:10-25
chapter 44
chapter 45
chapter 46
chapter 47:1-8
chapter 47:8-15
chapter 48:1-22
chapter 49:1-26
chapter 51:1-23
chapter 52
chapter 53:1-6
chapter 53:1-12
chapter 54:1-17

chapter 56:1-12
chapter 57
chapter 58 and 59
chapter 60
chapter 61
chapter 62
chapter 63
chapter 64
chapter 65
chapter 66

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