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An Explanation of the Generation Word Menu and Study Resources on the Left of This Page
Home Page - the Generation Word Front Page
About Generation Word - Details about the ministry including purpose, giving, pictures, history

Audio Messages - listen to 350 messages by Galyn
Video Library - watch 50 videos of GenWord class
Galyn's Notes - Some older notes used by Galyn
Catalog - Select from 15 years of tapes/cds
Request CDs Here - Explains how to request by email
Favorite Sites - 25 Categories Organize 455 sites
Email - Send us thoughts, ideas, new sites
Donations - Support us through mail or paypal

Bible Study
- Details of Monday’s weekly study
Bible School - Details of the curriculum & series
Faith E. Free Church - Details of Church in Audubon, Ia - Alternate GenWord site for video
genwordbibleteaching - Generic GenWord site; general use
Generation Word Radio - Teaching 24 hours a day w/ music; listen with Quick Time Excellent

Study Tools (all online):
NIV - New International Version text
Bible Browser - Screen shows translations, concordance, Greek meanings, dictionary.
Greek Browser - Does Greek grammar & meaning
Exegetical Bible - Provides cross references, Hb/Gr concordance, commentaries, translations, dictionary for each verse.
Interlinear (transliteration) - Greek & English text side by side. Greek words are transliterated into English
Interlinear (Greek letters) - Greek & English text side by side. Greek words are in Greek letters.
Greek & Hebrew Parsed - Meaning, tense, ect. of each word
Greek Lexicon - Dictionary (w/audio) every Gr. Word
Vines - Look up Greek meaning for English translation.
Commentary - Read very good study comments on every verse in the Bible
Robertson's Greek - Comments on each NT verse by the Greek scholar A.T. Robertson.
NT Concordance - Find verses that use a certain word in the NT.
Strong's Concordance - Search for any word in the Bible
Bible Dictionary - Look up any person, place, or thing in Bible to get background & info.
Bible Encyclopedia - “The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia.” Look up anything.
Cross References - “Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.” Find cross reference verses for every verse in the Bible.
Exegetical Insights - Unique insights into a few verses
Bible Difficulties - Explanations for most complicated verses from every book in the Bible
Maps - Links to 20 websites w/ Bible maps
Quizes - Chose a topic and take the quiz
Audio Bible - Click on any chapter listen to the Bible on RealPlayer.

Daily Sources.

Daily Verse - The verse and quotes change daily
Daily Devotions - A daily devotion with word study
Daily Spurgeon - Daily thoughts from the legendary Charles Spurgeon.
Daily Promise - Each day a verse is explained and a promise from God’s word is found.
Scrolling News - Up to the minute news scrolls in two columns from two sources.

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