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How To Request CDs from Generation Word

Click the above box to make a donation

To Order CDs in the United States follow these three steps:
1) Open up an email to Generation Word
2) Type the title of the CD or Tape series you would like
3) Type your full address and send the email.

We Suggest Requesting These Messages First:
1) Bible School - part one
2) Bible School - part two
3) Thirty Questions and Answers
4) Introduction to Galatians
5) Galatians Chapter 1-6

You can choose from over 900 messages from our Audio Message page or the Tapes and CDs page.

Click the Globe to See Where Generation Word's CDs have Gone in the World

Be sure to type in your complete mailing address.
If you prefer other CDs you may select from our tape and CD page. We will keep the box under 4 pounds for orders outside the US.
A foreign order cost $20-30 just for the postage. Not all requests from countries other than the United States can be sent.

Generation Word is honored to have received orders from these countries. May God bless these lands and these people!

United Sates.Australia. . Brazil . . .Canada.El Salvador. .Ghana . . Iceland. . . .India. . . .Indonesia . . Kenya . . .Malawi . . Nigerea . .Pakistan
Philipines. .S Africa . .Japan.United Arab Emirates.Gambia.Tanzania.England.Norway . . Jamaica



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