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November 5 - Evening

"“Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is
given for the common good…All these are the work of
one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to
each one, just as he determines.”

- First Corinthians 12:7, 11

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The Manifestation of the Spirit is Given to Each One    

Each believer in Jesus Christ receives a spiritual gift that the Holy Spirit uses to manifest himself. Through each believer the Holy Spirit desires to provide a supernatural level of empowerment by
which God can serve and edify the church. The purpose of the unique manifestations of the
Holy Spirit in each believer is to edify the other believers so that the body of Christ on earth can achieve its goals and fulfill its purpose in time.

These spiritual gifts, or manifestations of the Spirit of God, are to be used for the edification of
others, which means these gifts will be publicly visible. But, because we live in a fallen world and each believer still has a sin nature, the manifestation of Spiritual gifts can lead to competition
between believers and self-promotion by the individual. Yet, the truth remains that the purpose
of the Spirit’s manifestation in each believer is for group edification.

It is not right to refrain from using your gift because others may be jealous or misunderstand your intentions. In fact, it is your responsibility to develop your gift and package it in such a way that others in the church can receive its benefits without feeling threatened, embarrassed, or envious.
We cannot control how other people react, but we can teach them the importance of every believer being given room for the Holy Spirit to manifest through their life and service.

We can also develop our gift so that it is noticeably useful for the common good and we can wrap
it in a publicly presentable package so its manifestation remains culturally acceptable.  For example, neither Daniel nor Nehemiah would have been successful in the royal courts of Babylon and Persia if they had refused to develop the presentation of their gift and, had instead, manifested their gifts like Elijah and John the Baptist did in the courts of Israel and Judea.

  Christian Quote from Church History

"Claiming to be confused after rejecting the truth is no different than claiming
to be in the dark after
you shut off the light."
- Galyn Wiemers




Something to Ponder??

The Bible is not only the world's number one bestseller, it is also the most shoplifted book in the world.

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information


kurios (Gr) - Lord (Eng) - this Greek word kurios means "lord." In Classical Greek (480-323 BC) kurios referred to the gods and then began to refer to anyone with authority such as
king, rabbi, teacher, master, etc. In the Septuagint (Greek translation of the Hebrew scriptures) kurios is used to translate YHWH (Yahweh) so that in the New Testament kurios
appears 210 in Lukes writings (Luke and Acts) and 275 times in Paul's letters
to refer to Jesus' divinity.


Three Jewish tombs have been found in Ephesus. One was the tomb of a Jew who was called a “chief doctor” in Ephesus. (more)

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
I will both identify my spiritual gifts and develop them for productive use.   "In the way of righteousness there is life;
along that path is immortality."
Proverbs 12:28
Read the Bible in a Year; Bible Reading Program
Read one chapter each day to read through the narrative portion (or, the story line) of the whole Bible Genesis-Acts in one year. Read the General Text of the Bible Read the Complete Text of the Bible in a Year
(morning only) 2 Corinthians 5 Luke 21
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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem


Ashkelon's Gate 1200 BC

Beth Shean, the remains of the Roman/Greek city from NT times (more)

The old tree at the top of the hill is the tree Judas hung himself on in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar (click on photo and zoom in to see the tree and also see it here and here online) The hill, or tel, in the background with the dead tree on it is the Old Testament city of Beth Shean where the Philistines hung Saul and Jonathan's body on the city wall in 1 Samuel 31:10.
(click on image for larger size)
Ashkelon's Gate 1200 BC
See more photos and details here
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