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End Time Basics

Bible School Notes - Here Revelation verse by verse 2008 - HERE Rapture at the Time of the Sign of the Son of Man - HERE
"Revelation" Notes - Here Revelation Overview 2011 - HERE Details of the Day of the Lord on video - HERE
Eschatology Basics 2007 (audio) - HERE Revelation Overview 2019 - HERE  

Eschatology: Overview of Eschatology (end times) - Audio Messages Online

Eschotology Topic MP3 Audio
1. Bible History; Abrahamic, Palestinian, and Davidic Covenants; Importance of Israel in the End Times 1. Covenants; Israel
2. Daniel; Nebuchadnezzar's Vision; Babylon, Persia, Greece, Rome; Daniel's Vision; The Beasts; The Ten Horns; The Little Horn
2.Daniel; Babylon-Rome
3. Daniel 8; The Ram and The Goat; Literal Interpretation; Antiochus Epiphanes; Itro. to Daniel 11; Historically Fulfilled Prophecy 3. Dn. 8, 11; Goat; Ant.Ep
4. Daniel 11; Grecian Empire; Ptolemy I Soter; Seleucus I Nicator; Egyptian Kings of the South; Syrian Kings of North ; Antiochus III the Great; Antiochus IV Epiphanes 4. Ptolemy, Seleucus,etc
5. Daniel 11:21-35; Antiochus IV Epiphanes; Rixse of Rome; Anti-Christ; Maccabean Revolt 5. Antiochus IV; Rome
6. Daniel 11:36-12:2; Anti-Christ; The God of War; The Wars of the Anti-Christ 6. Anti-christ in Daniel
7. Anti-Christ: His place of Origin and his Career 7. Anti-christ Origins
8. The Doom of the Anti-christ and the Return of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Old Testament 8. OT & 2nd Coming
9. Jesus Teaches in Matthew 24 9. Matthew 24
10. Matthew 24, 25; Luke 21 10. Mt. 24, 25; Luke 21
11. The Rapture; 1 Thessalonians; 2 Thessalonians; 1 Corinthians 15; Four Views; Ezekiel 36-39; Gog and Magog 11. Rapture; Gog/Magog
12. Millennium - Premillennial, Postmillennial, Amillennial; Covenants, the King, Conditions in the Millennium 12. Millennium Views
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Revelation: Overview 2011

Revelation 1-2 Revelation 2-3 Revelation 4-8 Revelation 8-10
      Overview Notes
Revelation 11-13 Revelation 14-19 Revelation 19-22  

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Revelation (2008-2009) - Verse by Verse Bible Teaching Through Revelation (.mp3):
When the subject of the rapture, second coming and millennium are addressed the below series is taught from the view of the pre-tribulation rapture and the pre-millennial return and the earthly reign of Jesus Christ. Further down the page the pre-wrath rapture position is explored (along with the pre-millennial position).

MP3 Audio (Click title below for mp3 audio)
1:1-3, Introduction; Apostles in Church History; John
1:1-5, Title; Blessing; Salutation; Greetings From the Trinity
1:5-10, A Kingdom of Priests; Suffering and Endurance in the Kingdom.
1:11-20, Christ the High Priest Addresses John and the Seven Churches
2:1-3, Letter to Ephesus; Their Hard Work and Commitment to the Truth
2:4-7, Letter to Ephessus; Love and Tolerance of Others; Paradise
2:8-11, Letter to Smyrna; Suffering; Persecution; Rewards; The Second Death
2:12-15, Letter to Pergamum; Sword; Antipas; Compromise; Balaam
2:12-17, Letter to Pergamum (part two)
2:18-20, Letter to Thyatira; Thyatira's Culture; Messiah the Man; King of Kings; Service; Growth
2:19-23, Letter to Thyatira; Christian Growth Box; Jezebel; Nimrod and Semeramis; Baal Worship
2:23-29, Letter to Thyatira; Tolerance; Classes "if" in Greek; Repaying Deeds; Reward of the Morning Star
3:1-3, Letter to Sardis; Eyes & Voice of God in Church; Complete Works; Alert/Asleep; Thief in Judgment
3:4-6, Letter to Sardis; Thief in the Night; White Garments; Book of Life
3:7-8, Letter to Philadelphia; Holy; True; Key of David; Open Door; Delivered "from" Tribulation
3:9-10, Letter to Philadelphia; Jews; Teaching; Capital Punishment; Church Age; Mysteries; Trib.; Rapture
3:14-22, Letter to Laodicea; Complete Conformity with God's Truth and Realilty
Ch.1-3, The Seven Periods of Church History (part one)
Ch.1-3, The Seven Periods of Church History (part two)
Ch.1-3, The Seven Periods of Church History (part three)
4:1-11, The Vision Begins; In the Throne Room; 24 Elders; 7 Flames of Spirit; Living Creatures
5:1-14, The Scroll; The Slain Lamb; Rejoicing in Heaven and on Earth
6:1-16, Lamb Opens Seals; 4Horses; False Peace; War; Famine; Death; Martyrs Pray; Sign of Son of Man
7:1-17, Four Angels Hold Back Winds; Sealing of 144,000 of Israel; Multitudes of Saved in Tribulation
8:1-13, The Seven Angels; Prayer and Incense; First Four Trumpets
9:1-21, Release of Demons and the Demonic Activity; Angelic Invasion; Worship of Demons
10:1-11, Mighty Angel and the Little Scroll; The Mystery of God; Sweet and Sour Word of God
11:1-14, The Two Witnesses
11:15-12:12, The Promised Christ & Church; Satan's Kosmos; Eternal Conflict; The Woman, Child, Dragon
12:12-13:1, Satan Cast to the Earth; The Second 3 1/2 Years; Dragon on the Shore
13:1-10, Beast Out of the Sea
13:11-18, False Prophet; Deception; The Beast Out of the Earth; 666
14:1-6, 144,000 with the Lamb on Mount Zion
14:6-12, Three Angels: The Gospel, The Judgment, Hell
14:14-20, The Two Harvests -The Harvest of Grain and The Harvest of Grapes; The Winepress Judgment
15:1-18, God releases the Seven Angels with Bowls; Sea of Glass with Fire; Victors Rejoice in Heaven
16:1-18, The Seven Bowls
16:18-17:18, Woman on the Beast
18:1-24, The Fall of Babylon
19:1-9, Rejoicing in Heaven; The Bride; The Wedding Supper
19:7, The Bride of Christ
19:11-21, The Armegeddon War; Joel; Zechariah 12; Daniel 11:40; Ezekiel 38, 39
19:11-21, Return of Lord
20:1-6, The Millennium
20:2-6, The Millennium Reviewed from Old Testament Verses
20:3-6, The Millennium; Ezekiel's Vision of the Temple; Zechariah 14
20:7-10, Satan's Final Stand; Gog and Magog
20:11, The Great White Throne Judgment
21:1-6, New Heaven and the New Earth; Heaven and the Heavenly City
21:9-27, The New Jerusalem (Heaven)
22:1-6, Inside the New Jerusalem City
22:6-21, Closing of Book of Revelation

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Read "Revelation" Notes Here

Exploring the Rapture Simultaneously Occurring at the Appearing of the Sign of the Son of Man in Daniel, Matthew and Revelation:

Revelation 4  

Revelation 4:1-15  

Revelation 4 - The Vision Begins  

Ancient Words to the Church of Thyatira - Revelation 2:18

Ancient Words for the Modern Church - Revelation 2-3 

End Times Questions, Answers and Discussion

Revelation 5:1-14  

Revelation 6:1-4 - Who is the one on the White Horse?  

Revelation 6:1-4, 'When men say, "Peace, Peace." '  

Revelation 6:5-11  

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Daniel 7-11; Matthew 24; Luke 21  

Tribulation Chart - Dan.12:11-12; "Day of the Lord"  

"Day of the Lord" in Joel  

"Day of the Lord" in Ezekiel  

"Day of the Lord" in Isaiah  

"Day of the Lord" in Amos thru Zechariah  

"Day of the Lord" in Zechariah  

"Day of the Lord" in Matthew (part one)  

" Day of the Lord" in Matthew (part 2)

Wrath of God in Revelation  

"Day of the Lord" in First Thessalonians  

"Day of the Lord" - a class discussion;
1  Thessalonians

"Day of the Lord" - Second Thessalonians  

Testing Pre-Trib Rapture Proofs  

Parousia, Hexo, Erchomia - Greek Words for Jesus' SEcond Coming or Appearing  

Twenty Issues Pre-Wrath Faces (part 1)  

Twenty Issues Pre-Wrath Faces (part 2)  

Revelation 7:1-8, The 144,000  

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Revelation chapter 7- The History of Eschatology:  Views of Chapter 7

Revelation 8 - First Four Trumpets (Preterist, Pre-Trib, Pre-Wrath) 

Revelation chapter 9


Revelation Chapter 10


End Time Sequence 1 Thes., Mt. 24, Rev. 

Revelation 14:1-4, Jesus on Mount Zion

Truth vs. Deception - Revelation 13:11-18

Rapture at the Sign of the Son of Man 

2 Thessalonians 2:5-8 Tribulation vs Wrath and Islamic Eschatological Parallels Islamic and Christian Eschatology Paralleled
Prophecy Chart of Scripture - Matthew, Mark, Paul, Revelation, Daniel Rapture in 1 Corinthians 15

Rapture - 1 Thessalonians 4 (part 2)

Resurrection of the Body Rapture Eschatology (2005)
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Hades, Lake of Fire, Underworld
and Resurrection

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MP3 Audio
part 1 - End Time Basics The Basics
part 2 - Daniel's Prophecy Daniel's Prophecy
part 3 - Daniel's Weeks; Matthew 24; Luke 21 3 70 Weeks, Mt.24, Lk.21
part 4 - Rapture Rapture
part 5 - The First Half of the Tribulation First Half of Tribulation
part 6 The Second Half of the Tribulation  
  The Return of the Lord
  The Rapture Explained
  End Times Review (part one)
  End Times Review (part two)
End Times taught at FEF 2011 End Times taught at FEF 2011
End Times Q and A with discussion End Times Q and A with discussion
Glorious Appearing Glorious Appearing
Resurrection of the Body Resurrection of the Body


Revelation Overview 2019   Overview Notes are HERE  
Revelation 1 Revelation 2-3 Revelation 4-5 Revelation 6-7
Revelation 8-10 Revelation 11-13 Revelation 13-16 Revelation 17-18
Revelation 19-20 Revelation 21-22   (This Overview on VIMEO)
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