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May 16 - Evening

"Then Eliphaz the Temanite replied:

'If someone ventures a word with you,
will you be impatient?

    But who can keep from speaking?
Think how you have instructed many,
    how you have strengthened feeble hands.
Your words have supported those who stumbled;
    you have strengthened faltering knees.
But now trouble comes to you,
and you are discouraged;
    it strikes you, and you are dismayed.
Should not your piety be your confidence
    and your blameless ways your hope?'

- Job 4:1-6

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Friend #1: Eliphaz, from Teman in Edom    

Three friends, and then a fourth, come to comfort and counsel Job through his grief. But, they are quickly offended by Job’s crude honesty and his rejection of 'common sense' theology. Job aggressively attacks everything that is sacred and ignores any social standards that seem to
stand in the way of his answer. Job is in pursuit of the truth and he will not compromise by slowing down to accommodate friendship, religion, reputation or his own theology or personal feelings. Everything is going to be examined and challenged in order to find the truth. This is not a discussion that the typical Christian, churchmen or clergy can stomach.

The first friend, Eliphaz, who is from Teman, a major city in Edom, begins by picking up on Job’s harsh tone by basically asking:

“Will you get mad at me, too, if I say something? Even so, who can sit here and listen to you go on and on without saying something!”

Eliphaz’s basic argument throughout the Book of Job is that no human is righteous before God,
so consider yourself lucky God hasn’t crushed you already!

Eliphaz opens by pointing out to Job that when things were going good Job always had a word or a way to help people who were struggling, but now that Job has a problem Job gets discouraged and dismayed. Why is that? Eliphaz asks Job,

“Should not you be confident in your own useful words and your own ability to help since you were so wise and helpful before?”

Below are the basic theological positions of the three friends (All are true statements, but dangerously misleading  if not balance with the whole nature of reality and the full character of God):

  • Eliphaz  - no human being is righteous before God
  • Bildad – God never perverts justice
  • Zophar – God punishes every evildoer.
  Christian Quote from Church History
"A genuine Christian is the best evidence of the genuineness of Christianity."
Something to Ponder??

In the Old Testament God could deliver people from their enemies and rescue them from difficult situations. In the gospels Jesus could save people from demons and restore dead bodies back to life. These are examples and demonstrations of God’s ability, desire and past acts of salvation. But, the greatest act of salvation had not yet been performed. This work would be accomplished by God in the flesh, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord could deliver Noah and his family from the flood, but they and their families would return to build the city of Babel. The angel of the Lord could strike down the armies of Egypt and Assyria, but Israel still returned to live in rebellion toward God. Jesus could raise a man back to life but without going to the cross that man would only live to be taken by death another day. God had delivered people from the Flood, from Egypt, from the Assyrians, from demons, and from death –  but mankind still remained under the wrath of God because sin.

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Telones (Gr) – Publican (Eng) – the Greek word telones is a tax collector. Telos means “tax”, “custom” and “toll”. A telones was responsible to collect the taxes from an assigned district.

  Solomon’s authorship of Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs has been challenged because of the Aramaic words used and because some scholars claim the author borrowed Persian words from the days of the Babylonian exile 400 years after Solomon. But, recent scholarship has discovered that the “Persian” words such as pardes (“park” or “orchard” in Ecc 2:5 and
SS 4:13) and appiryon (“carriage” in SS 3:9) are very ancient and some actually go back to Sanskrit origins in 1500-1200 BC. This is understandable if Solomon’s commercial trading and sailing exploits to the East are considered to have involved new vocabulary
(1 Kings 5; 9:26-28; 10:22). The Aramaic influence in the Hebrew language began earlier than previously thought.
(see here
Confession to Action   Facts and Information

Do I hide behind Christian clichés and shallow theology?
Do I "live by faith" which really means "I don't think because I'm too lazy to be challenged or study?"
I will honesty address the issues I do not understand.
I will not shy away from questions and attitudes that make me uncomfortable.

  "The lips of a king speak
as an oracle,
    and his mouth does
not betray justice."

- Proverbs 16:10
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(morning only) Second Kings 10 Psalm 13, 28, 55
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Success in what you do

Commitment to the truth of scripture


Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram

2 Kings 17, the people imported into Israel by Assyria

2 Kings 17, the people imported into Israel by Assyria

The Herodian (details here)  
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