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July 5 - Morning

"Those who guard their lips preserve their lives,
but those who speak rashly will come to ruin."

- Proverbs 13:3

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The Importance of Thinking Before Speaking    

Words, when spoken, may seem like a mere passing breath, but they have a lasting impact on people, situations and eternity. Mental words should be given some forethought before they become spoken words. Once again, the fool will speak randomly without thought, but the wise man will speak with thought, intention and self-control.

Rash words can make thoughtless promises, make irrational claims and make sensitive information public. Words can ruin a man financially, socially, physically and spiritually.

A man who is careful with his words will guard his life, or in the Hebrew, his nepes. The word nepes occurs 4x in these three verses (Proverbs 13:2-4) where it is translated “soul,” “life,” and “desire (“craving” or “appetite”)”.

The mocker is the same man who speaks rashly, while the wise man is the one who shuts his mouth and learns. The focus of Proverbs is not on remaining silent, but on having self-control in the area of speech.

The Egyptian writings called Instruction of Amenemope composed around 1300-1075 BC teaches in similar fashion when it says,

“Guard your tongue from harmful speech, then you will be loved by others.”

Do realize, of course, the goal of the wise man in Proverbs is not simply to be loved by others or to be socially accepted, but to walk with Wisdom and Truth. Being loved by society was never the mission of men like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul and others, but neither was being offensive and randomly stirring up trouble.

(Also consider these verses from Proverbs:

  Christian Quote from Church History
"He (Jesus) produced mainly three results: Hatred, Terror, Adoration."
- C. S. Lewis
Something to Ponder??

In 630 Muhammad defeated Mecca and entered the city.

In 637 Muslims received Jerusalem after a six month siege forced the Christian Patriarch to surrender.

In 720 Muslims cross into France to invade Europe.

In 846 the Muslims sack Rome and damaged the Vatican.

In 1009 Muslims Sack the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

In 1096 Pope Urban II launches the First Crusade to free the holy land and the holy sites from Muslim control.

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Nuah (Hb) – to rest (Eng) - The root word nuh is common in Semitic languages.
The general meaning of nuah is “to rest” and “to settle down.”

The Spirit of YHWH nuah on:
The elders in Numbers 11:26
The prophet in 2 Kings 2:15
The Messiah/servant in Isaiah 11:2



In 2 Kings 17:26 we are
told that the Assyrian
King Sargon II was concerned that the people he had imported into northern Israel did not know how to correctly worship the God of the land of Israel. So, King Sargon sent Israel priests back to teach the foreigners who had been deported into Israel. This is very similar to a text from the Assyrian city of Ashur that was written to people deported into Babylon concerning the importance of correctly honoring the Babylonian god Marduk. A portion of the text says:
“The Gutians, being people given to arouse cries of woe, did not know how to honor the gods nor how to perform divine rites and ceremonies correctly.”

(Mesopotamian Chronicles)

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
I will avoid speaking wild, random words.
I will attempt to speak my thoughts only after careful thought.
I will consider the impact my words, promises, comments and commitments
will have on my life and on others.
  "Let them be yours alone, never to be shared
with strangers."

- Proverbs 5:17
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Ask Holy Spirit
to move through you

Avoid immorality

City governments

Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Israel flag flying in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Mount Moriah

Mount Moriah as it would have looked in Abraham's - David's day 2000-1000 BC. The city of Salem (Jebus or the City of David, Jerusalem) is seen to the bottom left.
(Details here.)


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Israel flag flying in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem  
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