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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

January 27 - Evening

"By day the Lord went ahead of them in a
pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and
by night in a pillar of fire to give them light,
so that they could travel by day or night."

- Exodus 13:21

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Theophany and the Pillar


God manifested his supernatural presence among the Israelites in the form of a pillar that went before them. This manifestation assisted the Israelites by:

  1. Verifying his presence was with his people
  2. Guiding them to the destination he desired
  3. Setting the pace so that the timing of their travel was appropriate for his plan
  4. Protecting them from attacks and other dangers
  5. Providing light at night
  6. Providing covering from the sun during the day
  7. Assuring the people that the Lord’s provisions and goodness were available.

What a contrast between the guidance and care provided by the Lord through the pillar for his people, and the wrath and destruction provided by the Lord through Moses’ staff on the Egyptian oppressors!

God’s presence allowed the people to do extraordinary feats such as travel in the darkness of night.
Psalm 105:39 says :

“He spread out a cloud as a covering, and a fire to give light at night.”

This pillar was “the angel of the God” in Exodus 14:19-20 when the pillar moved to the back to protect his people:

“Then the angel of God, who had been traveling in front of Israel’s army, withdrew and went behind them. The pillar of cloud also moved from in front and stood behind them, coming between the armies of Egypt and Israel. Throughout the night the cloud brought darkness to the one side and light to the other side; so neither went near the other all night long.”

As we follow this theme through the Scriptures we also learn that God’s name was in this angel:

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him; he will not forgive your rebellion, since my Name is in him. If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you. My angel will go ahead of you and bring you into the land of the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hivites and Jebusites, and I will wipe them out.”

Isaiah calls him the “angel of his presence” in Isaiah 63:8-9:

He said, “Surely they are my people,
    children who will be true to me”;
    and so he became their Savior.
In all their distress he too was distressed,
    and the angel of his presence saved them.
In his love and mercy he redeemed them;
    he lifted them up and carried them
    all the days of old.

In Malachi 3:1 the Lord Almighty says he will send his messenger who is the Lord, the messenger of the covenant. This Messenger, who is the Lord himself, will come to his temple in Jerusalem:

“ 'I will send my messenger, who will prepare the way before me. Then suddenly the Lord you are seeking will come to his temple; the messenger of the covenant, whom you desire, will come,' says the Lord Almighty.” – Malachi 3:1

The one who came to the Temple in Jerusalem was the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord who spoke to Israel in 30 AD was the same Lord who spoke to Israel (Psalm 99:6-7) and Moses (Exodus 33:9-11) from the cloud. In fact, this pillar of cloud will descend on the Tabernacle to speak with Moses and hover over the tabernacle until it is time to move.

The pillar of cloud/fire is a clear theophany, which is an appearance of God in a form that is tangible to human senses. (“Theophany” is from the compound Greek word theophaneia which is made from theo meaning “God” and phaneia meaning “to show, appearance.”)

  Christian Quote from Church History

“I can see how it might be possible for a man to look down upon the earth and be
an atheist, but I cannot conceive how a man could look up into the heavens
and say there is no God.” 
- Abraham Lincoln





Something to Ponder??

The 1965 movie
"The Greatest Story Ever Told"
was about the live of
Jesus Christ.

John Wayne plays a
Roman centurion and
speaks his one line,
"Truly this was the
Son of God."

Pat Boone was the angel at the tomb.

Telly Savalas was Pontius Pilate.

Charlton Heston was
John the Baptist.

Jesus was played by a blond hairerd, blue-eyed Sweish actor named Max von Sydow.

See full cast here.

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Airo (Gr) – Put Away (Eng) - airo is Greek word that means “to raise up,” “to elevate,” “to take upon one’s self and carry what was lifted,” “to remove,” and “to take by force.”
Airo is used 102 times in the GNT and finds (82 of those are in the Gospels). 
Jesus said, “take (airo) my yoke upon you and learn from me” (Mt. 11:29) and
“whoever does not have, even what he has shall be taken away (airo)” (Mt. 13:12).
John the Baptist said, “Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away (airo) the sin of the world.” (Jn 1:29) Concerning the “certificate of debt consisting of the decrees against us,”
Paul tells us that God has “taken it out of the way (airo), having nailed it to the cross.” (Col. 2:14)


During Zedekiah’s reign (597-586 BC) a fort was rebuilt at Arad, fifty-five miles south of Jerusalem. Ostraca (broken pieces of pottery that contain written text) found there detail Judah’s final years. Zedekiah hired Greek mercenaries and troops were sent to Ramat Negev to keep Edom from attacking Judah. According to Obadiah Edom did invade from the south. The Lord condemns Edom for taking advantage of Judah’s desperate situation in Obadiah. Excavation at Arad shows Zedekiah’s fort was burnt most likely by the Edomites.

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I compliment others? Do I say kind and encouraging things to help others?
Today I will compliment someone and praise them for their work, efforts or attitude.
Today I will speak words of encouragement.
  "Let someone else praise you, and not your own mouth;
    an outsider, and not your own lips."
- Proverbs 27:2
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(morning only) Genesis 35 Genesis 45
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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem



Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC

A map of today's walled city of Old Jerusalem, which shows the location of the beginning of Hezekiah's Tunnel at the Gihon Springs. (click on image for larger size)

The Golden Lampstand (menorah) at night, near the Western Wall
(click on image for larger size)
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