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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

January 27 - Morning

"When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country,
though that was shorter. For God said,
“If they face war, they might change their minds
and return to Egypt."

-Exodus 13:17

Sunset on the Sea of Galilee; Click to go to next devotion  
Fight or Flee?    

There likely would have been Minoan (Greek culture, predecessors of the Philistines from Caphtor, or the Isle of Crete) settlements along the coast of Canaan in Moses day in 1400 BC, but the Philistines would settle in this area about 1200 BC, or 200 years after the Exodus. Yet, this was known as Philistine country to the Israelites beginning in the days of Samson (1125 BC) down through David (1000 BC) until the Babylonian conquest (586 BC).

The “road through the Philistine country” would be the road along the coastal plain known in ancient Egypt as “Ways of Horus” and later in Roman time known in Latin as “Via Maris” (from the Latin translation of “The Way of the Sea” in the Septuagint from Matt.4:15). The “road through the Philistine country,” or the “Ways of Horus,” ran from the northeastern region of the Delta (formerly, the land of Goshen occupied by the sons of Jacob, Joseph’s brothers, when they arrived in Egypt originally) along the Mediterranean coast (Coastal Plain or Plain of  Sharron) and split at Dor to continue north along the coast or to cross the Jezreel Valley to connect just north of the Sea of Galilee to the route that passed through Damascus and from there to Mesopotamia.

At this time the Philistines were not the problem but the extended Egyptian forces along the road stationed at fortress. Ancient Egyptian fortresses eight miles southwest of Gaza have been excavated. A detailed drawing on the walls of the temple in Karnak shows a series of eleven fortresses along this route between Egypt northeastern border and the border of Canaan.

Ancient Egyptian records show these fortresses kept detailed lists of the people and groups moving back and forth across this border along this route. Yahweh knew his people were not ready fight their way out of Egypt, so he led them into the wilderness.

  Christian Quote from Church History
"Unless I am convicted by Scripture and plain reason-I do not accept the authority of popes and councils, for they have contradicted each other-my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, for to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand, I cannot do otherwise. God help me. Amen"
- Martin Luther
Something to Ponder??

Francis Crick is an English molecular biologist, biophysicist and neuroscientist who was a co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule in 1953. In his 1981 book “Life Itself: its origin and nature,” Crick says the structure of life is too complicated and could not have started by accident. He says the evolution models are as likely to have happened as the assembly of a jumbo jet by a hurricane in a junk yard. Instead, Crick suggests that life was sent here by an alien civilization from the other side of the universe that was facing extinction. (Watch this video at the 1:27 mark; see book here)

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information
Hebel (Hb) – Vanity (Eng) - hebel is the Hebrew word that means “vapor,” “breath, and “nothingness.” These are all the characteristics of hebel, which is translated “vanity” or “meaningless.” Jeremiah and others referred to idols and false philosophies as hebel (Jeremiah 10:8; 14:22; 16:19; Acts 14:15)  

In Jeremiah 22 King Jehoiakim is rebuked by Jeremiah for building:

“…his palace by unrighteousness,
    his upper rooms by injustice,
making his own people work for nothing,
    not paying them for their labor.
He says, ‘I will build myself a great palace
    with spacious upper rooms.’
So he makes large windows in it,
    panels it with cedar
    and decorates it in red.”

– Jeremiah 22:13-14

This royal palace was found south of Jerusalem on a hill top overlooking the city of David in Ramat Rachel. The royal capitals (proto-Aeolic) that crowned the columns were found and the balustrades, or guardrails, that decorated the royal windows have been found still with remains of red paint.
(details here; photos here.)
Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I sometimes get ahead of God's timing or go out to fight in front of God?
Is it possible that I think I am ready for the next step to something "bigger" and "better,"
but God is still preparing me?
I will trust God's timing and continue to be faithful to do what he has assigned me to now.

"Do not boast about tomorrow,
    for you do not know what a day may bring."
- Proverbs 27:1

Read the Bible in a Year; Bible Reading Program
Read one chapter each day to read through the narrative portion (or, the story line) of the whole Bible Genesis-Acts in one year. Read the General Text of the Bible Read the Complete Text of the Bible in a Year
Genesis 29 Genesis 34 Genesis 43-44
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Employment Compassion for
the world
Economy Asia: 81% of the 4.7 billion non-Christians live here (32 of 37 non-Christian nations under 10% Christian are here)
Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem



Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC

Here Galyn is photographing the south side of the Temple Mount wall while standing on the monumental staircase used by Jews during New Testament times to access the Temple. Notice the large first course of Herodian Ashlar stones at the top of the stairs. This was the master course that helped stabilize the wall. Those master course ashlars are original from Herod's Temple. (click on image for larger size)

A photo of an artist's hanging in the streets of the Jewish Quarter showing an interpretation of the appearance of the first century Temple. (click on image for larger size)
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