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First Corinthians notes from Generation Word

Basic Information and Overview

1. Introduction to First Corinthians: History, Paul's Visit Notes
2. 1:1-3, The Salutation -
3. 1:4-9, Thanksgiving to God but No Thanks to Corinth -
4. 1:10-24, Divisions; Wisdom Notes
5. 1:18-25, The Message; Knowing of God and Knowing God's Revelation Notes
6. 1:26-31, Things That Are Not Will Nullify the Things That Are Notes
7. 2:1-5, Not Style, Nor Personality, but the Truth Notes
8. 2:6-10, The Mature Will Hear the Mysteries Notes
9. 2:11-16, Spiritual Truths for Spiritual Men Notes
10. 3:1-5, Spiritual vs. Worldly; Milk vs. Solid Food Notes
11. 3:5-9, Servants of God, Not Rulers of Men Notes
12. 3:10-17, Building on the Foundation Notes
13. 3:16-23, The Church is the Temple of God Notes
14. 4:1-21, Servants of God Will Be Judged by God and Not by Men Notes
15. 5:1-5, Immorality and the Problem with Religion Notes
16. 5:6-13. A Little Corruption Notes
17. 6:1-13, Judging and Lawsuits Notes

6:12-19, Sexual Immorality and Twisted Doctrine

19. 7:1-16, Sex or Prayer? Paul says "sex"! Notes
20. 7:17-24, Staying Where You're At and Being Who You Are Notes
21. 7:25-40, Paul Balances Asceticism and Celibacy Notes
  Chapter 8 Notes Chapter 8
22. 8-10, The Cultic Meals and Food Sacrificed to Idols Notes
23. 8:1-13, Love Determines How Knowledge Is Applied Notes
24. 9:1-18, The Rights of an Apostle Tempered with Love -
25. 9:19-27, Winning the Christian Race Notes
26. 10:1-12, The Ministry & the Life; OT Examples; Areas of Ignorance Notes
27. 10:6-13, Four Sins of Secure Israel That Cost Them Everything Notes
28. 10:11-22, The Lord's Supper Notes
29. 10:22-11:1, Absolutes and Non-Issues Notes
30. 11:2-3, The Christian Church in Corinth Notes
31. 11:3-16, The Source, the Authority, the Covering and Long Hair Notes
32. 11:17-22, Social Divisions that Destroy the Lord's Supper Notes
33. 11:22-27, "In Remembrance Until He Comes" Notes
34. 11:27-34, Worthy: Are You Who You Say You Are? Notes
35. 12:1-3, Pagan Spirituality vs. Christian Spirituality Notes
36. 12:1-11, Theme and Focus: Source of Spiritual Utterances, Diver. & Unity Notes
37. 12:4-11, Charismata, Service and Effectual Working Notes
38. 12:8-10, The Nine Gifts Notes
39. 12:10, Tongues (Glosalalia) Notes
40. 12:12-30, The Body - Diversity with Unity -
41. 13:1-8, Love Notes
42. 13:8-13, What and When is the "perfect" Notes
43. 14:1-13, Tongues and Prophecy Notes
44. 14:13-26, Paul Explains Tongues Notes
45. 14, Critic of John MacArthur's Notes on 1 Corinthians 14 Notes
46. 14:26-39, Instructions for Church Service, Tongues, Prophecy, etc. Notes
47. 15:1-7, The Doctrine of Resurrection Notes
48. 15:12-25, The Logic of the Resurrection -
49. 15:23-34, The Ruling Man Jesus; Baptism for Dead & Fighting Beasts -
50. 15:35-51, Resurrection Bodies -
51. 15:50-58, Resurrection, Rapture and Defeat of Death -
52. 16:1-5, Contribution for Jerusalem Saints; Principles of Giving -
53. 16:6-24, Closing

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