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Family Photos
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Galyn and Toni Wiemers Galyn and Toni Wiemers have been married since 1981. They met in 1979 while in college and where married in 1981. The Generation Word's Monday night Bible study quickly grew to 44 people by the fourth week. Since that time Galyn has began teaching four nights a week at other locations.
Wiemers' Boys The Wiemers' boys 2011 Wiemers Boys 2011 The Wiemers' boys 2011
Wiemers' Family, November 21, 2004

Galyn and Toni have six sons.
Because of the need for Bible teaching in our generation Galyn begin Generation Word Bible teaching ministry in his home in April of 2002 in order to reach our nation with the Word of God.
Wiemers Family 1995 Wiemers' family in 1995. Warrior Dash Champions 2012 After the 2012 - 3.1 mile Warrior Dash over walls, under wire, through muddy water, over fire, etc. Zac was the overall champion among 4,000+ runners and Galyn won the 50-59 year old division.
Wiemers Boys dance at Ben and Miku's wedding The Wiemers' boys dance at brother Ben and his wife's wedding in 2011. Toni thru the Years 1960-2013 Photos of Toni through the years, 1960-2013.
Galyn began teaching high school shop in 1983. Today he teaches woodworking and industrial skills at a middle school. He has also coached cross country, track and basketball during his years as a shop teacher. Galyn's desire for the Word of God was stirred in 1984. He spent hours studying and began teaching the Bible in 1986.
Wiemers boys 2011 The Wiemers' boys 2011 State Meet Plaques 1998-2012, fourteen years in a row State Meet plaques from every one of the Wiemers' boys qualified for state - 14 years in a row, 1998-2012.
Team Wiemers at the completion of the 2004 Living History 6 mile cross country race. Between 1986-2002 Galyn served as a teacher, head pastor, youth pastor, children's pastor and guest speaker in churches, Bible schools and colleges ranging from 30 to 3,500 people.
Wiemers boys 2003 Wiemers Boys in 2003 for Justin's high school graduation. Wiemers boys 2004 Wiemers boys in 2004 for Paul's high school graduation.
After a 12.4 mile race in 2010 Galyn and the boys after the 12.4 mile Dam to Dam race in Des Moines, Iowa in 2010. Galyn's Office for Generation Word in the Wiemers' house Galyn's office in the Wiemers' home, also known as the headquarters of Generation Word Bible Teaching Ministry.
Wiemers' Boys The Wiemers' boys 2011 Wiemers' Family 1992 The Wiemers' family in 1992
wiemers Wiemers' Boys in 2006 for Benjamin's high school graduation. Paul hands off the baton at the Drake Relays after running a 1:58 800 meters.
They finished second here and in the 4A state meet.
Wiemers' Family 1997 The Wiemers family in front of the Grace Brethern Church that Galyn pastored for seven years while he taught construction classes and coached at GMG High School in Garwin, Iowa.   Galyn's Grandfather in 1907 as a boy in Pomeroy, Iowa Galyn's grandpa Wiemers' home as a boy in 1907 in Pomeroy, Iowa. Aunt Folena was Galyn's 1960's Sunday school teacher.
First Day of School 1998 First day of school 1998   Wiemers' Family 1991 The Wiemers' family 1991
Benjamin in his seat in the Iowa House of Representatives in Des Moines during students in government weekend.   View from the skydeck at Justin's appartment building in Chicago. Sears Tower is in the background.
Crossing one of several streams in the 6 mile cross country race.   Three brothers stand with Paul on the Drake track after Paul had ran a 1:58 half mile in Valley's second place finish in the 4x800 at the 4A state meet.
Zac at University of Northern Iowa's conference track me at Drake Stadium in 2013 Zac and Galyn at Drake Stadium in 2013 where Zac had just scored in the conference meet for the University of Northern Iowa in the steeple-chase.   Galyn-reads-to-Grandson-Tyler Galyn reads to his grandson Tyler.
Wiemers' Family 2002 at Justin's graduation party The Wiemers' family for Justin's 2002 high school graduation.   Galyn and Toni in 2005 Galyn and Toni for their 25th wedding anniversary photo.
Wiemers' family van 1998 The Wiemers family and the family van in 1998   Galyn and Toni in Tulsa in 1988 Toni and Galyn in Tulsa, 1988
Hawkeye visiting Justin in Chicago.   Paul and Dad at Paul's graduation look'n stylish in "2004" glasses while Aunt Kari creates some atmosphere with some bubbles.
Galyn and the boys 2011   Galyn and his boys, 2011. Justin had just come home from being overseas in the US Marines after two years.   Galyn, his dad Orlyn and the boys with Ben after his commissioning into the USAF as an officer   Galyn, his father, Orlyn, and the boys with son Ben Wiemers after his commissioning into the US Air Force as an officer in 2012.
Christian card games called "Galyn Games" that Galyn designed and produced in 1986-87 and sold in bookstores in all 50 states   Galyn Games - five card games that Galyn created for teaching his Sunday Schoo class and then marketed them in 1986-88 into bookstores in all fifty states.   Galyn and oldest son study in 1986 in Tulsa   Galyn and oldest son Justin study the Bible in 1986 at the family dinner table one evening in Tulsa.
  The boys before the Sunday afternoon croquet game.   Galyn studies in his office at home in 2010   Galyn in his Generation Word office, an empty bedroom in the Wiemers' house now that the boys are older.
  Brothers watch Ben takes his turn   Galyn and son Paul with Galyn's high school car, a 1940 Chevy   Galyn and his son Paul with Galyn's high school car, a 1940 chevy.
  . Hawkeye performs Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey on his trumpet in a quartet in front of the school.   Galyn Wiemers finishing 12 mile race.   Galyn finishing the 20K (12.4 mile) Dam to Dam run in Des Moines (2001).
  Galyn speaks to the cross country team before they win their second straight state meet (2004, 2005).     Benjamin performs and solos on the saxaphone.
Galyn as college assistant basketball coach in 1979   Galyn was a student assistant basketball coach in college in 1979.   Galyn making a table top made of 2 inch maple in his shop   Galyn building a 2 inch thick maple table top in his shop
  At the 6.2 mile cross country race in Novemeber Galyn promised Toni he would carry her across the eight places where the stream crossed the course if she would run. She did and so he did.     Galyn designing this web page on "Dreamweaver" in the ministry office at home.
  Paul performing a jump on his snowboard in Colorado.   galyn wiemers   Galyn and Toni at the Wiemers' Christmas Eve party with the family in 2006.
  Galyn and Toni celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this summer (2006) by spending a week in Boston.     Galyn by the grave of Samuel Adams, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. (Boston, 2006)

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