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The most glorious days of Jerusalem are not in the past, but are yet to come. God has not left Jerusalem on the trash heap of history, but is currently working his plan to rebuild the city for the Jewish people’s final series of confrontations with their pagan enemies. One day, Jesus, the Lord and Messiah, will return to Jerusalem and be seated in glory. The city will then become the center of the God’s Kingdom on earth.

This book is an incredible journey through the plan of God, progressing from the earliest days of man’s history through the past 2,000 years of Gentile dominance and into the prophecies yet to be fulfilled. The guide includes more than 500 photos, diagrams and maps to document each age and show what the people of the city were like during that time.

The images are all connected to important, historical information—all of which is presented in a simple, chronological manner.

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Galyn Wiemers is the founder of Generation Word, a Bible teaching ministry, focused on helping to bring Biblical literacy back to the United States of America. Galyn is the author of Hope for America’s Last Generation, Framework for Christian Faith, and The Political Platform of the Lord and King. A large volume of Galyn’s audio and video teaching, along with notes, photos and more can be found at Galyn has been married to his wife Toni for 30 years and they have six sons.

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