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September 10 - Morning

"Those who cling to worthless idols
forfeit the grace that could be theirs."

- Jonah 2:8

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False Philosophies Obscure the Discernment of Grace    

As Jonah sinks into the sea he thinks of the idol worshipping pagan sailors that threw him into
the waters. “Grace” is the word hesed which is the word for the covenant relationship Israel had
with God. This word is translated “mercy,” “kindness,” “grace.” Hesed is the kindness, mercy or
grace a person receives because they are loved by God who has offered them a relationship, or specifically, a relationship that is sealed in a covenant. Miles Coverdale coined the phrase “lovingkindness” in 1535 to translate the Hebrew word hesed (or, chesed) for his English
translation of the Old Testament in the Coverdale Bible. Other translations use the phrase
“steadfast love” or “constant love” to communicate the meaning of the word “hesed.”

It is interesting that Jonah is thinking about the hopeless state of the pagan sailors who are
currently safe and secure on the ship, while Jonah himself is sinking into the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. In his desperate state of rebellion Jonah turns confidently to the “grace,”
or hesed, he has in God, but recognizes that those who embrace false philosophies and false religions are forfeiting a covenant relationship with God. This is true even in this case where
the idol worshippers are pagans heading to a foreign land. The offer is still available. In fact,
as the story of Jonah goes, Jonah has been sent by God to the pagan people in the city of
Nineveh in the land of the Assyrians to call them into a relationship of right standing with
their creator. So, in 759 BC the people of Ninevah did receive hesed from God.

The Hebrew word translated “idols” is “lying vanities,” vanities of vanities,” or “vain things” which identify not merely stone or metal images, but the empty, false and destructive philosophies
and world views that accompany these empty views of reality. People who cling to false
philosophies or corrupt world views are missing out on the offer of “grace,” “mercy” and “lovingkindness” God desires to bestow upon them.

  Christian Quote from Church History

“Back to the Bible or
back to the jungle.”

– Luis Palau



Something to Ponder??
Cyril wanted to translate
the Bible for the Slavic
people, but they had no alphabet. So he invented
an alphabet for them so
he could translate the
Bible into their language.
Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information
Raqiya (Hb) - Expanse (Eng) - from the root word raqa which refers to the process of hammering
out a piece of gold or other metal into thin plates. The word raqa is used Isaiah 40:19 -
"As for an idol, a craftsman casts it, and a goldsmith overlays (raqa) it with gold."

Raqa is also used in Numbers 16:39 when Eleazar hammered bronze for the altar covering.
If this word is allowed to mean the same thing in reference to the water above the
earth in Genesis 1:7 when it says "God made the expanse."
Then this Raqiya was "hammered" water used to hold the waters above.
This "expanse" (NIV) or "firmament" (KJ) ("hammered out sheets of water") could then
be the "floodgates of heaven" that were opened to begin Noah's Flood. If this is the case then
these hammered sheets of water would have filtered out harmful sun rays. This would be part
of the explanation for the longevity of life on earth before the flood in the Genesis account.
  Jesus preached  in the synagogue in Capernaum
and healed a man in the synagogue. The foundation
of this synagogue has been found. (Mark 1:21-28)
Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Am I practicing some habit or holding some attitude that is causing me to forfeit God's grace in some area in my life? I will identify a worthless attitude or a distracting habit today to make room for God.   "Whoever heeds discipline shows the way to life, but whoever ignores correction leads others astray."
- Proverbs 10:17
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The fields outside of Bethlehem in the hill country of Juduh.
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