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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

October 4 - Morning

"As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, 'If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace—but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side. They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.' "
- Luke 19:41-44

Sunset on the Sea of Galilee; Click to go to next devotion  
Jesus Weeps for Jerusalem Like Jeremiah    

On Palm Sunday 30 AD, Jesus “wept” as he approached the city from the east over the
Mount of Olives.

This is reminiscent of Jeremiah’s weeping as he recorded the words he spoke for the Lord in
Jeremiah 8 and 9. In chapter 8 Jeremiah says, “there is not peace.” (Jer. 8:11) and chapter 9
he continues mourning with these words:

“Oh that my head were waters, and my eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people!” (Jer.9:1)

Jeremiah’s prophecy and sorrow were fulfilled about 40 years later in 586 BC when Babylon
destroyed the people, the city and the temple in Jerusalem. Likewise, exactly 40 years after
Jesus’ sorrowful, weeping approach to Jerusalem in 30 AD the Romans would also destroy the people, the city and the temple in 70 AD.

Jesus makes two statements to the Jews on that day in 30 AD:

  1. “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace.”
  2. “You did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”

“This day” when Jesus, the Messiah, appeared in history was the “time of God’s coming” to the Jews. It was “this day” that they could have received peace by recognizing and accepting the fact that Jesus was God “coming to” them. Daniel had prophesied the details of this “time of God’s coming” when he recorded the words of Gabriel in 539 BC:

“Know and understand this: From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem…(This refers either the decree of Artaxerxes in 458 BC recorded in Ezra 7 or Artaxerses decree in 445 BC recorded in Nehemiah 2:1, 5)

…until the Anointed One…(“Messiah”, or “Christos” in Greek, which is “Christ” in English)

…the ruler… (the King, Jesus)

…comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ (69 ‘sevens’ equals 483 years, or roughly 25 AD when counting 483 years from the time of the decree recorded in Ezra 7 which was 458 BC)

It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble. (During those 483 years Jerusalem will be rebuilt as a city with an intense defensive system because these 483 years will be a time of military trouble such as the conflicts with the Seleucids, Ptolemies, Hasmoneans, Edomites and Rome. A "trench" refers to a moat which would be built along with a wall to prevent access to a city or a fortress.)

After the sixty-two ‘sevens,’… (Roughly 25 AD)

…the Anointed One will be put to death… (“Killed violently” as on the cross)

 …and will have nothing… (God, who will come as the Messiah and King of the Jews, will be rejected and will not receive the kingdom. He will receive nothing).

The people of the ruler who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.’(Because the Jews reject God’s visitation as the Messiah between 25-30 AD, the Romans will destroy the city of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD).”

 - Daniel 9:25-26

  Christian Quote from Church History

“That book, sir, is the rock on which our republic rests.”
– Andrew Jackson





Something to Ponder??
The earliest Christians stopped rolling scrolls of Scripture but instead sewed small portions together to
form the codex (book)
which was easier for
reading and reference.
Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information


Ben Adam (Hb) - Son of Man (Eng) - The Hebrew phrase ben adam is created from
two Hebrew words: ben meaning "son" or "descendant." and adam meaning "mankkind,"
"man" or "humanity." This phrase occurs 107 times in teh Old Testament In Ezekiel it means
"human being" as it also does in Numbers 23:19; Job 16:21; Psalm 8:4; 80:17 and
Jeremiah 49:18. In Daniel an angelic being is said to "look like a son of man" in several places
(7:13; 10:16, etc.). Jesus picks up on Daniel's use of this phrase to refer to himself.

  Paul's Jewish teacher, Gamaliel (Acts 22:3), was a leading rabbi of the Jewish Sanhedrin (Acts 5:34). Josephus writes about Gamaliel and the Talmud describes Gamaliel as a prominent member of the Sanhedrin. Gamaliel is universally known to be the grandson of the great Jewish rabbi Hillel. The Mishnah also mentions Gamaliel. Other Jewish writing record Gamaliel and the elders sitting on the stairs of the Temple that were on the south side.
(see picture of stairs here)
Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I spend time planning my actions and my ways?
Do I have plan a response or do I merely give off reactions to people and situations?
I will thoughtfully respond with planned words and intended actions instead of instantly reacting.
  "A wicked man puts up a bold front, but an upright man gives thought to his ways."
Proverbs 21:29
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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Remains of Pool of Bethesda Jerusalem at the time of David, 1000 BC
The bridge-like structure on the right side of the photo is the dam that separated the south (left) side of the Pools of Bethesda from the north pool
(to the right of the photo). The depth of the pool can be seen in this photo. When the Roman Empire became Christian (i.e., the Byzantine Empire of
326-638), it built a church over these two pools. One of the many arches that supported the large Byzantine structure can be seen in the middle of this photo. (click on image for larger size)
Basic layout of the City of David, or, Jerusalem, in 1000 BC. (click on image for larger size)
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