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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

March 8 - Morning

“Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in his hand. Joshua went up to him and asked,
‘Are you for us or for our enemies?’ ”

‘Neither,’ he replied, ‘but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come.’

Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground
in reverence, and asked him,
‘What message does my Lord have for his servant?’ ” 
- Joshua 5:13-14

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We Fight for the Lord    

The most interesting thing about the conversation between Joshua and the “commander of the army of the Lord,” is revealed in the Commander’s response to Joshua’s question, “Are you for us or for our enemies?” The Commander of the army of the Lord has his own mission, which is the Lord’s mission. He doesn’t serve men, but the Lord. Thus, the question could be repeated back to Joshua, “Neither. Are you for the Lord or for his enemies?” The Lord doesn’t fight for the causes of men, but, instead, the Lord always fights for his cause. If men want to be on the victorious side they will find out what the Lord is fighting for and do the same. Remember, the Lord is not giving the Promised Land to Israel because they asked for it, wanted it or even had faith to take it. The Lord is giving Israel the Promised Land because he swore an oath to Abraham. The Lord is taking the Promised Land, and Israel is helping him.

In chapter 5 Joshua himself goes out from Gilgal to survey the land around Jericho in preparation for the battle. The phrase “he looked up” clearly gives the impression of surprise, since Joshua (who had served as a spy himself for Moses’ military expeditions) would not have been planned on walking up to an armed warrior that evening, particularly one of this stature standing in his way with a drawn sword. This was clearly a confrontation, and typical of Joshua’s style, he did not back down, but instead asked the armed warrior to state his business before Joshua engaged him in combat.

This Commander quickly identified himself and the purpose of his mission. He was the “commander of the army of the Lord,” which is an angelic army that fights in the spiritual battle. The Commanders’ mission was to come to Joshua with a message that is given at the beginning of the next chapter when the identity of the “Commander” is revealed as being the Lord himself. The Lord, who appears to men in the Old Testament as The Angel of the Lord, gave Joshua the battle plan and identified Joshua and Israel’s responsibility while fighting along side the Lord against Jericho:

“Then the Lord said to Joshua, ‘See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once with all the armed men. Do this for six days. Have seven priests carry trumpets of rams’ horns in front of the ark. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times, with the priests blowing the trumpets. When you hear them sound a long blast on the trumpets, have the whole army give a loud shout; then the wall of the city will collapse and the army will go up, everyone straight in.’ ” - Joshua 6:2-5

  Christian Quote from Church History

“You never have to advertise a fire. Everyone comes running when there's a fire.
Likewise, if your church is on fire, you will not have to advertise it.
The community will already know it.”

Something to Ponder??

The creation of man was planned by God who called everything he made “good” until he made man, and then he called his creation “very good.” Man’s creation was direct and immediate
(Genesis 1:27; 2:7), without the use of evolution. It occurred two times: once, when man was created from the dust; and, second, when woman was created from a part of the man. Mankind was patterned after God’s “image,” or tselem in the Hebrew, which refers to a fashioned image which is shaped as a representative figure in a concrete condition. But, man is also said to be patterned after God’s “likeness,” or demuth in the Hebrew, which refers to being similar, but in the abstract way in an attempt to capture the concept.

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Shachat (Hb) – Kill (Eng) – shachat is the Hebrew word that means “to slaughter,” and “to kill.” Shachat refers to taking the life of a man or an animal.
(Rashach, a different Hebrew word, is the Hebrew word for “murder.”
is used primarily in legal matters in the Hebrew.)


Several significant finds that confirm and agree with the New Testament:
- Capernaum Synagogue – the synagogue where Jesus spoke Mark 1:21
- Vespasian inscribed Pillar in Jerusalem – destroyed Jerusalem 70 AD
- Herod the Great Ostraca – Herod’s name on a broken piece from a wine label
- Pool of Bethesda – Jesus healed here; Described accurately in John 5
- Pool of Siloam - discovered in 2006 agrees with John 9
- Erastus Inscription – the name and title of Paul’s friend mentioned in Rm. 16:23
- Holy Sepulcher – location of garden, Calvary, tombs outside the walls of 30 AD

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do spend my time and prayers trying to get God to do what I want and to bless my plans?
Instead, I will spend time and prayer trying to find out what God wants
and begin achieving his plans today.
  "All the words of my
mouth are just;

    none of them is crooked
or perverse."
- Proverbs 8:8
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Confess sin

Understanding of Grace

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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem

Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC

The events of 608 BC during the life of King Josiah of Judah and the book of the prophet Jeremiah.
(click on image for larger size)

The basalt synagogue chair in the synagogue of Korazin known as "the seat of Moses." This was referenced by Jesus in Matthew 23:2. Notice the Aramaic inscription on the front of the chair that says:

"Remembered for good Judah ben Israel
who made this stoa
and its staircase. As his reward may
he have a place with the righteous."

(click on image for larger size)
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