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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

March 21 - Morning

"But the men would not listen to him. So the man took his concubine and sent her outside to them, and they raped her and abused her throughout the night, and at dawn they let her go. At daybreak the woman went back to the house where her master was staying, fell down at the door and lay there until daylight.

When her master got up in the morning and opened the door of the house and stepped out to continue on his way, there lay his concubine, fallen in the doorway of the house, with her hands on the threshold. He said to her, 'Get up; let’s go.' But there was no answer. Then the man put her on his donkey and set out for home.

When he reached home, he took a knife and cut up his concubine, limb by limb, into twelve parts and sent them into all the areas of Israel. Everyone who saw it was saying to one another, 'Such a thing has never been seen or done, not since the day the Israelites came up out of Egypt. Just imagine! We must do something! So speak up!

- Judges 19:25-30

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A Desperate Call to Action    

Chapter 19 of Judges begins with a Levite who had found work in the land of Ephriam returning to Bethlehem to get his concubine. His concubine, the text says, was “unfaithful” and went back to her father’s house in Bethlehem. But, as the story unfolds we find that she may have left the Levite in Ephriam to escape a dangerous, unhealthy domestic relationship.

The Levite goes to get his wife (or, concubine) in Bethlehem after four months. On the return trip back to Ephriam as the sun was setting they had a chance to spend the night in safety in Jerusalem (then called Jebus, and still occupied the Jebusites). Instead, the Levite wanted to press on into the land of Benjamin to spend the night among Israelites in Gibeah or Ramah. The Levite and his concubine spent the night in the home of a man, until the house was attacked by men who desires where like those of the men of Sodom when Lot’s house was attacked. To protect himself and his host the Levite sent his wife (concubine) out to these men.

The depth of Israel’s social and private sin is beyond comprehension. How quickly Israel sank as a culture in a 200 year period (From 1405 BC, when Joshua led them into the Promised Land, until here in the book of Judges around the year 1200 BC.)

The Levites unbelievable behavior becomes even more calloused. The dismembering of his concubine and the distribution of her parts was a call to Israel to respond of be judged for their negligence. This method of distributing the parts of a dismembered body will be used by King Saul in 1 Samuel 11:5-11 when he dismembers his oxen and uses the parts to call the men of Israel to war against the Ammonites.

An ancient account from Mari in Mesopotamia documents this practice at this time in history. Bahdi-Lim, a local governor in Mesopotamia, needs the troops to assemble from the settlements, but they are not moving in that direction even though he has sent several appeals and has waited several days. The governor sends a letter to the king of Mari suggesting that a prisoner be taken from jail and his body dismembered and displayed among these settlements to induce a fear that will induce the people to assemble for battle. This was the practice in Mari near the time of the book of Judges.

“To my lord, speak. Bahdi-Lim, your servant, speaks as follows: For five full days I have waited for the Hanaeans, but the people do not gather. The Hanaeans have arrived from the steppe and established themselves among the settlements. Once, twice, I have sent to the settlements and the appeal has been made. But they have not gathered together, and for the third day they have not gathered. Now, if I had my way, a prisoner in jail should be killed, his body dismembered, and transported to the area between the villages as far as Hundum and Appan, in order that the people would fear and gather quickly, and I could make an attempt to accordance with the command which my lord has given to carry out the campaign quickly.” (details and text here and here.)

This practice is repeated by King Saul in 1 Samuel 11:5-11.

  Christian Quote from Church History

"The wrath of God is
as terrible
as His grace is lovely." 

- Johann Peter Lange



Something to Ponder??
"Constantine reigned until 337. He is known as 'the Great.' As an instrument in God's hand he enabled Christians to worship freely; but the good that his reign brought was a mixed blessing. It had its evil as well as its good aspect. If peace came to the Church, so too did worldliness. Multitudes took up with Christianity who had no experience of conversion and of the work of the Holy Spirit in the human heart. Quality was sacrificed to quantity. The fire of persecution had kept the Church pure; toleration resulted in the introduction of elements which boded ill for the future." - S.M. Houghton, Sketches From
Church History
, p. 21.
Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Yad (Hb) – Hand (Eng) – yad is the Hebrew word that means “hand,” “side,” “alongside.” Yad is used as a “bank” of a river in Daniel 10:4, and “manhood” (or, the male sex organ) in Isaiah 57:8; 57:10; and 7:20. The main use of Yad is to refer to the hand which is part of the human body. Yad is used to refer to power in 1 Samuel 23:7 and taking an oath in Genesis 14:22 and Proverbs 11:21


Cosmological Argument
used to Prove God exists:
1. Limited, changing
beings exist
(example: you)
2. The present existence
of every limited, changing
being is caused
by another.
So, this existence
comes from another
existing being.
3. These causes cannot
be infinite. There cannot
be an infinite regress
of causes of these
existing beings.
4. There is a first Cause
of the present existence
of these beings.
5. This first cause must be:
…an eternal being
6. This model argument
exactly matches
the God of Scripture

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I make plans and organize my time?
I will be diligent to make plans, manage my time and organize the things that are important to me.
  "The plans of the diligent
lead to profit

    as surely as haste
leads to poverty."
- Proverbs 21:5
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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem

Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC

Details of Friday of Jesus' final week.
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Mosaic of storks at the Heptagegon Church at Tabgha on the northwest shore of Galilee. This is a church from 350 AD that is built over the rock that is believed to have been where Jesus multiplied the five loaves and two fishes. This is based merelly on tradition. (Details herehere and here. )
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