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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

March 13 - Morning

“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household,
we will serve the Lord"...

..."So Joshua made a covenant with the people that day, and put in place statutes and rules for them at Shechem. And Joshua wrote these words in the
Book of the Law of God. And he took a large stone
and set it up there under the oak near
the holy place of the Lord.
-  Joshua 24:15, 25-26

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Setting Up Memorial Stones in the Promised Land


Before he died Joshua summoned the leadership of the tribes of Israel to Shechem and gave them a choice to forsake the worship of the Lord, and instead, either worship the god’s their ancestors had worshipped in Mesopotamia before Abraham came to the Promised Land or to take up the worship of the Canaanite gods that had just been defeated by the Lord.

When all of Israel agreed to continue in the worship the Lord, Joshua established and recorded “statutes and rules for them at Shechem.” Then, Joshua stood up a large stone

Shechem Sacred Site and Stone Pillar(click for larger view and other photos)   Christian Quote from Church History"You would be better off to spend an evening in a bar or a saloon then an evening in a church or an institution propagating false religion."
- John MacArthur

at Shechem as a memorial to testify to the leaders’ agreement to recognize that the Lord had brought their ancestor Abraham from Ur of the Chaldeans to this land.

And, now, six hundred years later, they, the descendants of Abraham, had taken possession of the land promised to Abraham. The stone that Joshua set up at Shechem was the seventh memorial stone set up in the Promised Land in the book of Joshua.

Memorial stones set up in the Promised Land, at Sinai, and seven in the book of Joshua:

  1. Genesis 28:18, 22 – Jacob sets up a stone and poured oil on it at Bethel (Luz) to indicate that the Lord will be his God. In Genesis 31:13 the Lord refers to this stone monument to identify himself to Jacob.
  2. Genesis 31:44-52 – Jacob and Laban set up a pile of stones to confirm a covenant between the two of them at Mizpah (or, Galeed)
  3. Genesis 35:14 – Jacob sets up a stone monument at Bethel when the Lord, the God Almighty, gave the same land to Jacob that he had given to Abraham and Isaac.
  4. Genesis 35:20 – Jacob set up a pillar marking Rachel’s tomb on the way to ephrath.
  5. Exodus 24:4 – Moses built an altar and set up twelve pillars at the base of Mount Sinai
  6. Joshua 4:20twelve stones from the bottom of the Jordan stacked up at Gilgal (1st monument in Joshua)
  7. Joshua 7:26 – large pile of rocks heaped over Achan at Gilgal (2nd monument in Joshua)
  8. Joshua 8:29 – Ai burned, king of Ai killed, hung on tree, buried under a pile of rocks in the city gate (3rd monument in Joshua)
  9. Joshua 8:32 – Joshua copied on stones the law of Moses by the stone altar built on Mount Ebal (stones may have been covered with plaster first before they were written on as in Dt. 27:2-4) (4th monument in Joshua)
  10. Joshua 10:27 – large pile of rocks over the mouth of the cave where the five Amorite Kings were buried (5th monument in Joshua)
  11. Joshua 22:10 and 22:19-30 an altar of stones by the Jordan on the border of Canan at Geliloth on the west side (6th monument in Joshua)
  12. Joshua 24:26 – the testimony stone set up in Shechem by Joshua (7th monument in Joshua)

Today at ancient Shechem, between Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Ebal, is an ancient holy site with a pillar still standing. It is likely that this stone and ancient temple mark the location of the great oak tree, the place of the tabernacle in Joshua’s life and the pillar Joshua set up. This is where the citizens of Shechem and Beth Millo crowned Abimelech as king beside the great tree and Joshua’s pillar in Judges 9:6

The great tree “of Moreh” was there in Abraham’s day in Genesis 12:6. Jacob buried foreign gods under an oak tree at Shechem in Genesis 35:4. The “great trees of Moreh” are mentioned in Deuteronomy 11:30.

At this time in the book of Joshua around 1380 Joseph was buried in his Egyptian sarcophagus Shechem.



Something to Ponder??

The church is made up of believers who are sanctified positionally before God by the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation and who are commanded to sanctify themselves in thought, word and deed during their lives. Believers are told to live holy lives and to live at peace with each other, functioning together as one body.

Since believers still have a sin nature and the church is still a functioning assembly in the fallen cosmos, there will be errors, problems, conflicts, sin, immorality and false doctrine. These are some of the issues mentioned in Scripture that require church involvement:
1. Sinning against another member of the church (Mt.18:15-20)
2. Divisiveness (Rm.16:17; Titus 3:10)
3. Open sexual immorality
(1 Cor.5:1-13)
4. Teaching false doctrine (Rm16:17; Gal.1:8, 9;
2:11-14; 1 Tim.1:20; 6:3-5;
2 Jn.9-11; Rev.2:14-16)

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information
Nakar (Hb) – Know (Eng) – nakar is the Hebrew word that means “to know,” “to regard,”
“to recognize,” “to pay attention.” Nakar refers to physical discernment through the five
physical senses. In Ruth 3:14 nakar was impossible because of darkness. Nakar is used to
refer to intellectual awareness in Job 7:10 and Psalm 103:16.
  The ossuary (or, burial box) of Caiaphas has been found and identified. (Image here and details here and name here). Joseph Caiaphas (mentioned by Josephus and Mt. 26:3,57; John 18; Acts 4:6; etc.) was the high priest that oversaw Jesus’ trial before the Sanhedrin. In 1990 the Caiaphas family tomb was found with a beautiful ossuary (box) inscribed with the name“Joseph Ben Caiaphas”with the remains of a 60 year old man inside.
Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I have reminders in my life of God's faithfulness?
Do I establish points of reference to remind myself of my duty as servant of the Lord?
I will recall the Lord's faithfulness and be conscious of his expectations for a godly life.
  "The righteous hate
what is false,

    but the wicked make themselves a stench
    and bring shame
on themselves."
- Proverbs 13:5
Read the Bible in a Year; Bible Reading Program
Read one chapter each day to read through the narrative portion (or, the story line) of the whole Bible Genesis-Acts in one year. Read the General Text of the Bible Read the Complete Text of the Bible in a Year
Leviticus 9 Judges 1 Deuteronomy 5-6
Prayer for Today
Personal Prayer Church Prayer Item National Prayer Concerns World Prayer Concerns

Contacts with people and network building

Avoid distractions and interference

National Debt (updates at "Nation" or "World")

Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC

Peter's house in Capernaum (Mark 1:surrounded by an ancient first century church, which is itself surrounded by another fourth century church. This is the location for the events of Mark 1:29-34:

"...they went with James and John to the home of Simon and Andrew...that evening after sunset the whole town
gathered at the door..."

(details here) (click on image for larger size)

When Solomon drifted away from the ways of God, the Lord rasied up three adversaries to cause him
problems in 1 Kings 11:14-40.
(click on image for larger size)
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