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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

March 11 - Morning

“So Joshua subdued the whole region, including the hill country, the Negev, the western foothills and the mountain slopes, together with all their kings. He left no survivors. He totally destroyed all who breathed, just as the Lord, the God of Israel, had commanded.”
 -  Joshua 10:40

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Total Obedience with Swift and Decisive Results


Joshua's taking of the southern lands was swift and decisive. The kings of these lands had heard what the Lord had been doing for the last forty years beginning with the plagues in Egypt continuing through the conquest of Moab, Ammon and Bashan, and, even the destruction in their own lands west of the Jordan in Jericho and Ai. Now these kings have seen for themselves the tremendous wrath of the Lord and the obedience of Israel.

The word "subdued" in Joshua 10:40 is nkh which means "strike," and "smite." In 10:42 the Hebrew word lkd, which means "to capture," is translated "conquered." This indicates that parts of the land the Canaanites were totally eliminated, but other parts (as seen in Judges) the Canaanites were not "destroyed" as Israel was commanded, but were subdued and left helpless. These conquered Canaanites that were not destroyed as the Lord commanded will reorganize after Joshua's death and create chaos and defeat among the Israelites.

The territory identified in Joshua 10:40 is::

  • Hill Country - which would be the rolling hills of what would become the land of Judah and Benjamin.
  • Negev - which was the southern portion beginning around Beersheba and continued down to Kadesh Barnea.
  • Western Foothills - the land between the hill country and the coastal plain
  • Mountain Slopes - the land from the mountain range that runs up through Jerusalem from the south and slopes off to the east into the Jordan Valley, or the Jordan Rift, to the Dead Sea.
Joshua 10:40 (Click on image for a larger size and a fuller map)


  Christian Quote from Church History
"There's a mindset in other countries that if you're an American, you're a Christian. Well, those people are sadly misled; they don't know our country. Our country is wicked, and the Christians are few. Just like they're few in other countries, they're few here. There may be many churches and there may be church buildings on every street corner and every corner in our cities across this country, but the true Christians are few." 
- Tim Conway
Something to Ponder??

Jesus as
Prophet, Priest and King
Jesus is indeed the Son of God, the savior of mankind.
In his ministries before God Jesus also serves as
a prophet to his generation and beyond,
a priest who represents
men to God and
God to man, and
a man who will rule the entire world as king.

1. Prophet – Moses said another prophet like him was coming (Deuteronomy
). According to Acts 3:22-24, Jesus was that prophet.The crowds received
Jesus as a prophet (Matthew 21:11, 46), and Jesus' claimed to be a prophet
(Luke 4:24).
2. Priest – The priests of the Old Testament came from
the line of Aaron of the tribe
of Levi. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah, yet the New Testament makes it clear
that Jesus is a priest like Melchizedek who was not even Jewish. Melchizedek
was a priest because he had been chosen by God. The book of Hebrews
explains the priesthood of Jesus to the Jewish people. The priests of Aaron
served on earth in a man-made temple that was a shadow of heaven. Jesus is a
priest who can enter the true heavenly temple and actually remove sin from man
in the presence of God.
3. King – Jesus is seated at God's right hand ruling all creation from heaven now,
but we are awaiting his return when he will be King of the whole earth
(Zechariah 14:9).

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Gadal (Hb) – Magnify (Eng) – gadal is the Hebrew word that means “to become strong,” “to grow up,” “to be great,” “to be wealthy,” “to be powerful,” “to be significant,” “to be valuable.” When used as a verb gadal indicates increase in age or size. In Genesis 12:2 God tells Abraham,
“I will make you great.” Gadal is used in a positive sense when God gadal, or magnifies”
himself in Ezekiel 38:23, but it is a negative demonstration of pride and arrogance
when a person does gadal to themselves in Isaiah 10:15 and Job 19:5.


The Amarna Letters are a collection of ancient correspondence between the rulers of Canaan and the Egyptian government from 1353-1332 BC. Many of these Canaanite rulers had been taken captive to Egypt, indoctrinated, and then, returned d to their homes in Canaan to rule. In the Amarna Letters the rulers of Canaan ask Egypt for help concerning a variety of issues, including great turmoil and trouble in the land of Canaan being caused throughout the by a people they call theh Habiru in these letters. Joshua would have entered the land of Canaan in 1405 BC and by 1400 his five year campaign had ended and the land was divided. That puts the Amarna Letters into the time frame of the independent tribes conqueroring their own lands and the earliest days of the book of Judges.

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do obey the Lord completely?
Do I follow the full revelation of Scripture?
Disobedience and incomplete obedience does not go unanswered.
I will be obedient to the Word of the Lord and live with my heart and soul completely dedicated to him.
  "The righteousness of the blameless makes their paths straight,
    but the wicked are brought down by their own wickedness."
- Proverbs 11:5
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Godly character and words

Perseverance in service to saints

Crime (updates at "Nation" or "World")

Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram

Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem

White limestone fragments from the 400 AD synagogue in Capernaum. The stone on the right with the wreath is the keystone from the synagogue. A keystone is a wedge-shaped piece that fits into the apex of an arch. It is the final stone inserted during construction to lock all the stress of the arch and supporting stones into position.

Notice the wreath has a double knot at its base with the loose ends of the cord being held and supprted by two birds, which hae been defaced. In the center of the wreath is a shell. The decorative lines engraved in the background would have continued in both directions onto the next stones of the arch.
(click on image for larger size)

Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC
  A map shows the location os Jeroboaham's two golden calves that he set up in the northern kingdom called "Israel"
in 1 Kings 12:25-13:34. (click on image for larger size)
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