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June 26 - Evening

"I cry aloud to the Lord;
I lift up my voice to the Lord for mercy.
I pour out before him my complaint;
before him I tell my trouble.

When my spirit grows faint within me,
it is you who watch over my way.
In the path where I walk
people have hidden a snare for me.

Look and see, there is no one at my right hand;
no one is concerned for me.
I have no refuge;
no one cares for my life.

I cry to you, Lord;
I say,
'You are my refuge,
my portion in the land of the living.'

Listen to my cry,
for I am in desperate need;
rescue me from those who pursue me,
for they are too strong for me.
Set me free from my prison,
that I may praise your name.

Then the righteous will gather about me
because of your goodness to me!"

- Psalms 142

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My Portion in Life and Eternity    

The super-script calls Psalm 142 a maskil in the Hebrew, but the meaning of this Hebrew word maskil is uncertain. This is why the word is left untranslated in many Bible translations. The verb form of maskil found in Nehemiah 8:8 could give the word maskil here the meaning of “sense-giving harmony” or “instructional lyrics set to music.”

This is a prayer that David set to music for the purpose of instructing others. This is the prayer or cry for help of an individual who approaches the Lord for help.

The psalmist’s confidence in the Lord remains unwavering in his season of crisis. In 142:5 the “you” referring to the Lord is emphatic, and could be stated as, “You, you are my refuge, my portion.” And, it is in this life where David walks and needs help that he has found no one to help (142:4). They have instead laid traps for him (142:3).

David writes the same as other men of faith who recorded in scripture their trust in the Lord. In the midst of a variety of extreme circumstances these writers of scripture, the men of faith, expressed their trust in the Lord by referring to him as “my portion” or “my ground of support.” This “ground of support” stabilized these men in all of life’s extreme situations:

Stability Psalm 16:5, “Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;
you make my lot secure.”
InstructionPsalm 119:57, “You are my portion, Lord; 
I have promised to obey your words.
LamentingLamentations 3:24, “I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion;
therefore I will wait for him.”
ThanksgivingPsalm 73:26, “My flesh and my heart may fail, 
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

Considering the Lord as “my portion” should be understood not only in view of stability in life, but also as the only thing in life we get to inherit or keep when life is over.

This confidence in God and our considering him as our only inheritance in this life is particularly true when we find ourselves in a situation similar to David in 142:5 where he records that there is no one at his right side. The “right side” was the side your help and strength came from in battle or in a legal case. But, in David’s situation there was no one on his right side when he turned for help. Since there was no man who “had David’s back,” it was important for him to understand that in all things the Lord was his portion.
  Christian Quote from Church History
"Life is like trying to do a 5 piece puzzle with only 4 pieces. God is the 5th piece and you can't see the whole picture of life until you have that 5th piece."
- Sophie, 13 years old
Something to Ponder??

Jesus repeatedly demonstrated that he believed the Jewish Old Testament was the true and accurate word of God:

• Adam and Eve (Mt. 19:3-5; Mark 10:6-8)
• Noah and the Flood (Mt. 24:38-39; Luke 17:26-27)
• Sodom and Lot (Mt. 10:15; Luke 17:28-29)
• Jonah (Mt. 12:40)
• Isaiah – Jesus quotes from both the first and second halves of Isaiah’s book, assigning the full book to Isaiah. (Mt. 12:17; 13:13-15)
• Elijah (Mt. 17:11-12)
• Daniel (Mt. 24:15)
• Abel (Mt. 23:35)
• Zechariah (Mt. 23:35)
• Abiathar (Mark 2:26)
• David (Mt. 22:45)
• Moses and the books of Moses (Mt. 8:4; Jn 5:46)
• Abraham (Mt. 8:11; Jn 8:39)
• Isaac (Mt. 8:11)
• Jacob (Mt. 8:11)

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Epipotheo (Gr) – to long for (Eng) – In the NT epipotheo means an urge or an inclination that sometimes is fervent tenderness or emotion that grips the heart in a loving and favorable way. Epipotheo is found in these verses:


The Jewish Babylonian Talmud’s testimony written during the years 70-200 AD concerning Jesus states that “Jesus was hanged on Passover Eve” and “as nothing was brought forward in his defense, he was hanged…” It also states that Jesus “practiced sorcery and led Israel astray and enticed them into apostasy.” Due to Jesus’ lineage in the line of King David the Talmud also declares that, “Jesus…was near to the kingship.” This is all written in a document of the Jews that was recorded within 100 years, or so, of the Roman destruction of the Temple that Jesus forewarned would happen.
(Details HERE and HERE)

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
I will   "Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him."
- Proverbs 26:12
Read the Bible in a Year; Bible Reading Program
Read one chapter each day to read through the narrative portion (or, the story line) of the whole Bible Genesis-Acts in one year. Read the General Text of the Bible Read the Complete Text of the Bible in a Year
(morning only) Habakkuk 3 2 Chronicles 17
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Herod's three hanging palaces of Masada Solomon Ashlar stones from first temple retaining wall
Herod's three hanging palaces of Masada.
(Details here, here, and here .)
Galyn points at stones that can be seen from the western retaining wall of Solomon's Temple (or, Solomon's Western Wall) (Details here.)
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