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July 7 - Evening

"Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent,
and discerning if they hold their tongues...
...The lips of fools bring them strife,
and their mouths invite a beating.
The mouths of fools are their undoing,
and their lips are a snare to their very lives."

- Proverbs 17:28; 18:6-7

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A Fool is Not a Total Fool if He Keeps His Mouth Shut    

The wise words of Proverbs 17:28 follow 17:27 which focuses on the importance of using words
with restraint and having an even temper. Proverbs 17:28 seems to be advice for the fool who
is NOT a complete fool if he will simply control his mouth, even if it means complete silence. Proverbs 18:6-7 and others references tell the fool that:

If a fool knows these things and has learned the consequences of their loose lips and chattering mouth, then Job’s words are good advice and say the same thing as this proverb:

“If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom.”
Job 13:5

The fool is no longer a total fool if he knows he would be better off restraining his words than gushing forth the words of a foolishness.

The wise man speaks with control and with intention.  The same advice is true for the wise man
if he is tempted to speak impulsively. Even the wise man keeps his mouth shut when he knows
he has nothing but foolish and thoughtless words to speak.

  Christian Quote from Church History
"Men of God are assuredly the salt of the earth. They preserve the order of the world. And society is held together as long as the salt is uncorrupted."
- Origen, 248 AD
Something to Ponder??

These are the sins that
Jesus Identified:

1. Sacrilege (Mark 11:15-18) – violating the temple and holy things dedicated to God
2. Hypocrisy (Matt. 23:1-36) – religious leaders did not obey their own
standards, exalted themselves, avoided fulfilling their oaths on technicalities.
3. Covetousness (Lk 12:15) – the sin of greed causes fights and quarrels (Jm.4:1-4)
4. Blasphemy (Matt.12:22-37) – calling God’s work Satanic and vice versa
5. Transgressing the law (Matt. 15:3-6) – manipulating the law to benefit your desires is breaking the law
6. Pride (Matt. 20:20-28; Lk.14:7-11) – seeking positions of power and honor
7. Being a Stumbling Block (Matt.18:6) – leading others into sin
8. Disloyalty (Matt.8:19-22) – seeking comfort and serving self before fulfilling duties, to Christ is sin
9. Immorality (Matt.5:27-32) – committed in action or in heart
10. Fruitlessness (Jn.15:16) – not living productive Christian lives is a sin
11. Anger (Matt.5:22) – internal anger is compared to the act of murder
12. Sins of Speech (Matt.5:33-37; 12:36) – keep oaths, keep promises; we will be held accountable for useless, thoughtless or improper words
13. Showing Off (Matt.6:1-18) – doing good deeds for attention is sin
14. Lack of Faith (Matt.6:25) – worrying and not trusting God is sin
15. Irresponsible Stewardship (Matt.25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27) – failure to use your abilities and opportunities are the sin of irresponsibility
16. Prayerlessness – Jesus told us to pray and never give up; to cease praying or to stop calling out to God for help is sin

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Epios (Gr) – congenial or kind (Eng) – the Greek word epios is not used in the LXX (the Greek translation of the OT called the Septuigint), rarely appears in the papyri and is used only 2x in the NT.

1 Thessalonians 2:7 where Paul was epios towards the Thessalonians when he
could have been a burden.
2 Timothy 2:24 where Paul tells Timothy a servant of God should be epios to all men
and not combative.

Paul’s use of epios in both of these NT uses refer to those with authority in the church with
leadership and teaching positions. These leaders are not to be burdensome, combative,
harsh or bitter. A leader in the church needs to be epios.


Leen Ritmeyer has possibly identified the location of the temple, the Most Holy Place and the place in the bedrock on Mount Moriah where the Ark of the Covenant was set. The foundation bedrock that protrudes out of Mount Moriah that is today under the Dome of the Rock has been examined by Leen Ritmeyer. Ritmeyer’s research has made four conclusions:

#2 of 4) Ritmeyer located a natural rock scarp on the west side which would have been the support for the back wall of the Holy of Holies which faced east. This means that the west and north walls of the Holy of Holies were set against rock scarp that had been cut out to form the 20 cubit by 20 cubit Holy of Holies.

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
I will maintain silence and only speak words that have been tested and approved by the wisdom
that abides in my soul. If I cannot think clearly or accurately evaluate my thoughts,
then I will be silent and avoid speaking like a fool.
  "It is a trap for a man to dedicate something rashly
and only later to
consider his vows."

- Proverbs 20:25
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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
The well of ancient Beersheba sets by the city gate

Details of the locations in the book of Ezra 1:1 and Esther 1:1 on a map.

Details of the locations in Ezra 1:1 and Esther 1:1 on a map.

The well of ancient Beersheba sets by the city gate. This may be the well Abraham dug in Genesis 21:22-32.  
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