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July 6 - Evening

"Kings detest wrongdoing,
for a throne is established through righteousness.
Kings take pleasure in honest lips;
they value the one who speaks what is right."

- Proverbs 16:12-13

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Governmental Righteousness is a Prerequisite for Reigning in Wisdom    

The idea that leadership and governing powers must be established in righteousness has been known throughout the ages and even is advised in Pagan writing. Daily operation of governing powers must be honest and must value those who speak with integrity. A wise king will despise wickedness for he knows it is like pockets of sand in the foundation of his kingdom and stains of weakness in the fabric of his society.

The commitment of the king and his administration to justice and truth are prerequisites for an enduring foundation of the king’s rule and the maintenance of society.

Proverbs 16:13 is advice to those who work for the government or serve in the king’s administration. The righteous king finds pleasure in their honest lips. An administrator or government official who serves the country with integrity is valuable.  

  Christian Quote from Church History
"Although keeping parrots and curlews, the pagans do not adopt the orphan child. Rather, they expose children who are born at home. Yet, they take up the young of birds. So they prefer irrational creatures to rational ones!"
- Clement of Alexandria writing about the pagan culture of 195 AD
Something to Ponder??

Eusebius, the church historian, wrote around 315 AD that Jesus had exchanged letters with Abgar (Avak-air), the king in Edessa the capital of Armenia. This is not scriptural, but it has all the markings of a historical account with possible scriptural reference in
John 12:20-22. Eusebius writes the following:

"On their return, the Armenian deputies went to Jerusalem to see our Savior the Christ, being attracted by the report of His miracles. Having themselves become eye-witnesses of these wonders, they related them to Abgar. This prince, seized with admiration, believed truly that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, and said:

These wonders are not those of a man, but of a God. No, there is no one among men who can raise the dead: God alone has this power.

Abgar felt in his whole body certain acute pains...Abgar sent a letter of entreaty to Jesus: he prayed Him to come and cure him of his pains. Here is this letter:—

Abgar, son of Archam, prince of the land, to Jesus, Saviour and Benefactor of men, who has appeared in the country of Jerusalem, greeting: — I have heard of You, and of the cures wrought by Your hands, ... I have concluded from them either that You are God, come down from heaven to do such great things, or that You are the Son of God, working as You do these miracles. Therefore have I written to You, praying You to condescend to come to me and cure me ... I have a city small but pleasant, it would be sufficient for us both.

The messengers, the bearers of this letter, met Jesus at Jerusalem, a fact confirmed by these words of the Gospel:

Some from among the heathen came to find Jesus, but those who heard them, not daring to tell Jesus what they had heard, told it to Philip and Andrew, who repeated it all to their Master. (John 12:20-22)

The Saviour did not then accept the invitation given to Him, but He thought fit to honor Abgar with an answer in these words..."

(see more here and seeEusebius' full text here and here.)

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information

Eupsycheo (Gr) – be courageous (Eng) – the Greek word eupsycheo can mean “to take heart,”
“to be courageous,” “to be cheered.” Eupsycheo is used few times in classical Greek (700’s BC)
and Hellenistic Greek (200’s BC), but when it is used it refers to a soldier’s bravery in battle. Josephus uses it to refer to comfort received in difficult situations. For example, Josephus uses eupsycheo to describe Xerxes, the Persian king (486-465 BC), comforting his wife Esther when
she faints. In Hellenistic times (200 BC) eupsycheo began to be used as a salutation on
inscriptions or in letters in the collection of papyri (100 BC- 100 AD) to say “take heart” and
“good courage.” Eupsycheo is used 1x in the New Testament. Paul uses eupsycheo in
Philippians 2:19 when he sends Timothy to Philippi to receive information that would eupsycheo Paul.

"I hope in the Lord Jesus to send Timothy to you soon, 
that I also may be cheered when I receive news about you."

- Philippians 2:19


In the past the writings of Luke (The Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts) were considered unreliable documents filled with inaccuracies and legends because Luke was the only historian from the ancient world to use specific terms, names of locations and references to people unknown to “scholars.” When atheist
Sir William Ramsay attempted to disprove Luke’s reliability as a historian by going to archaeological sites and researching classical history he instead concluded that Luke was the greatest of the historians, even more accurate and impressive than Thucydides, the Greek historian.

See details HERE and HERE.
"Archaeologist and NT Scholar" .pdf HERE)

Watch Video about
"Sir Ramsay and the Bible:

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
I will serve my country and strengthen my society by speaking truth,
supporting justice and living with integrity.
  "This command is a lamp,
    this teaching is a light,
and correction and instruction
    are the way to life."

- Proverbs 6:23
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Arch of Titus

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Details of 2 Samuel 9 and the account of David and Mephibosheth located on a map.

Titus' arch in Rome (see details here.)  
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