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Sunrise on Temple Mount in Jerusalem; Back to Previous Devotion

January 21 - Morning

"Then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing, came to power in Egypt.  
‘Look,’ he said to his people, ‘the Israelites have become far too numerous for us. Come, we must deal shrewdly with them or they will become even more numerous and, if war breaks out, will join our enemies, fight against us and leave the country.’
So they put slave masters over them to oppress them with forced labor, and they built Pithom and Rameses as store cities for Pharaoh.  But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread; so the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites.”
- Exodus 1:8-12

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Egypt, Pharaohs, Thutmose and -moses    

Hyksos, a Semitic people, invade Egypt in 1560 BC. Amenhotep (reign 1546-1525 BC) drives out the foreign Hyksos with the help of his son Thutmose I. Pharaoh Thutmose I (or, Thutmosis) (reign 1525-1508 BC) was an Egyptian general and helped drive the Hyksos’ out of Egypt. He began the tradition of burial in the Valley of the Kings.

He had a royal daughter Hatshepsut and a harem born son Thutmose II. Thutmose II (reign 1508-1503 BC) married Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut was the daughter of Pharoah who took Moses out of the Nile and raised him as her own son. Thutmose II and Hatshepsut had a daughter Neferure who died as a teenager. Hatshepsut trained Moses for the throne but her husband/half-brother had a son with a concubine who was named Thutmose III (born 1516 BC). Hatshepsut (reign 1503-1483 BC) began to reign as Pharaoh when her husband died. She had to share the throne with the young Thutmose III but eventually the talented and ambitious Hatshepsut established total control and declared that her father Thutmose I had named her the heir and not her brother Thutmose II. She removed inscriptions of the name Thutmose II from monuments. It was a time of prosperity in Egypt and records show Hatshepsut in full control.

It is believed that during this time Hatshepsut planned on her adopted son Moses succeeding her. Then in about 1483 BC there was a revolt against Hatshepsut by Thutmose III that had public support. Hatshepsut’s overthrow and death happened within one year of Moses killing of the slave master and fleeing to Midian. Hatshepsut dies in her fifties and Thutmose III (reign 1482-1450 BC) tried to destroy all her monuments and eliminate her name from Egyptian history. No doubt Thutmose III would
have also erased Hatshepsut’s adopted son Moses from any records and all monuments.

While Moses is in the wilderness Thutmose III dies and his son Amenhotep II (reign 1450- 1425 BC) begins to reign. Amenhotep II was the Pharoah of the Exodus. Amenhotep was succeeded by Thutmose IV (1425-1408 BC) who was not the eldest son.

Moses was born to a Hebrew family in the year 1525 BC but raised in the palace of Pharaoh Thutmose II. The name Thutmose (also read as Thutmosis) means “Thoth is born”. It can easily be seen that Moses was called by his Egyptian family name mose throughout his life. The name of the Egyptian’s most important deity, Thoth, is dropped from Moses’ name leaving him with the simple ending “mose” or “moses” which means fittingly “born”, “son” or “rightful heir.” Hatshepsut, the half-sister and wife of Thutmose II, would have been the royal princess who took Moses from the Nile. Moses is trained in all the wisdom of Egypt and becomes a great man among the Egyptians.

  Christian Quote from Church History

"Religion today is not transforming people; rather it is being transformed by the people.
It is not raising the moral level of society; it is descending to society's own level, and congratulating itself that it
has scored a victory because society is smilingly
accepting its surrender."




Something to Ponder??

"It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of  DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design."

- Antony Flew (Professor of Philosophy, former atheist, author, and debater

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information
Mayim (Hb) - Water (Eng) - mayim is the Hebrew word that means “water.” Mayim is used to purify and as a life source.  Mayim is commonly used in imagery and symbolism through out
the Old Testament.       

Pottery found in the land of Canaan that is used to identify Israel’s arrival in the days of Joshua is the same style that Manfred Bietaks found in Goshen (or, modern Tell El-Daba) in Egypt and dated at 1650-1550 BC.

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I believe God controls the direction of history?
If I do then I will not fear, but instead look to the Lord for guidance and strength.
  "In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water
    that he channels toward all who please him."
- Proverbs 21:1
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