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December 10 - Evening

"Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
This is what the ancients were commended for."

- Hebrews 11:1

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What Faith Is...and, What It Is Not    

Biblical faith is NOT belief in the imaginary. Biblical faith is NOT a synonym for “wish.”
Biblical faith is NOT blind acceptance of ridiculous events or belief in unsupported statements.
Biblical faith is NOT a firm conviction to personal thoughts and ideas.

Biblical faith is based in defendable events and provable statements. God has always provided enough evidence for us to put our faith in something tangible: creation, fulfilled prophecy, miracles, Jesus ministry, the Word of God, etc.

“Since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.” – Romans 1:19-20

It is not how great you believe something that makes it true, but believing something that is true that makes your faith great. The value of the Christian faith is not in the one believing, but in the one who is believed in. Jesus, as he is revealed in the Word of God, is the object of our faith.

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Faith is the confidence (or, hypostasis) of what we hope for.”
literally means, “that which stands under.” Ancient first and second century documents found in the papyri use hypostasis as “title deed” which stresses the legal side of a personal rightful ownership of the truth or thing faith is placed in. Hebrews 11:1 continues by saying,
“…and assurance (elenchos) about what we do not see.” Elenchos carries the basic idea of “proof,” “the test,” or “means of proof.” It continues to carry the objective sense, and rejects the subjective sense that would allow it to refer to manipulation according to personal whims and wishes.

So, just like physical eye sight can see things that are in the physical realm, faith can see things that are in the spiritual realm. But, eye sight that claims to see things that are not really there would indicate some sort of mental illness or a defect in the physical organ of the eye. Likewise, faith that claims to see, trust or understand things that are not really true would indicate a spiritual illness or a deficiency in knowledge concerning the Word of Truth.

When we know something that is unseen is true, then our faith (confidence) in that truth will produce thoughts, attitudes and actions. Faith in truth will produce confidence in that truth and assurance that the unseen is there. Knowing truth and putting faith in that truth is the transforming power of the Christian life.

  Christian Quote from Church History

"Knowing that you do not heed his Word, why should I heed your explanation of it?
You do not his will,
and so you cannot
understand him."
- George MacDonald

Something to Ponder??

Genesis 2:8 says that "the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden." There were four rivers in Eden:
- the Pishon
- the Gihon
- the Tigris
- the Euphrates

The Tigris and Euphrates are easy to identify, but Gihon (meaning "to gush") and Pishon ("to spring up") are apparently gone.

Since Genesis says Eden was in the east and the author must have been in the area of Canaan, Sinai or Midian it is believed that Eden was near the Persian Gulf or in northern Mesopotamia or Armenia.

It is hard to know if anything from Eden remains since the world was destroyed and the surface of the earth reformed by Noah's Flood in Genesis 6.

Hebrew and Greek Word Study   Facts and Information



Paristemi (Gr) - Yield (Eng) - paristemi is Greek word made up of two words: histemi, which means "to place or stand," and param, which means "near." Paristemi means "to place near"
and is translated in the KJ as yield and in other translations
as "to place beside," "to present," "to stand beside."


In 160 AD Justin Martyr identified the cave in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. This view was followed by Origin (250) and Eusebius. If this is the cave, or stable, of Jesus' birth it may have been connected to a house and used as a stable at that time.

In 326 Constantine's mother, Helena, commissioned a church to be built over the cave. This church was dedicated on May 31, 339. Portions of this floor from the 330's can still be seen.

Jerome lived there and translated the Latin Vulgate from the Hebrew and Greek.

Confession to Action   Facts and Information
Do I have faith in truth, or do I have faith in what I want to be true?   "What the wicked dreads
will overtake him;
what the righteous desire
will be granted."
- Proverbs 10:24
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Photo of Jerusalem; Pictures of Israel Bible Map and Diagram
Robinson's Arch, Jerusalem Nehemiah's Wall in Jerusalem 445 BC
This is the stairs on the NW corner of the platform on the Temple Mount. the bottom step appears to be the top course of the remains of Solomon's western wall, or the western retaining wall for the Temple Mount.
(click on image for larger size)
The top of the ashlar stones from the top course of Solomon's western wall from 950 BC. (click on image for larger size)
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