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Study the Fallacy of the Da Vinci Code

Galyn Wiemers Discusses the Da Vinci Code Fad

I read "The Da Vinci Code" when it first came out. My plan was to dismantle it when I was finished reading it because I was concerned with the reaction it could create among believers. As I read the book I began to see how the facts were obviously misrepresented concerning apologetics, church history and the origin of the scriptures. Since it was a great novel (and, I rarely read novels) I read it quickly and I read it every chance I had until I was finished. I enjoyed the story and am looking forward to seeing Tom Hanks in the movie.

One Saturday after I had finished reading the book I was mowing my yard and thinking about how I would organize my attack to counter the false information presented in "The Da Vinci Code". In less than four minutes of mowing and debating in my mind I realized how simple the argument against the "Code" would be. There are hundreds of pieces of historical evidence as old as 1900 years that would be coming against a fictional novel from the 21st century. The debate would be similar to attacking a canoe with a fleet of battle ships. Since I had already taught through church history, apologetics, and the history of the Bible I realized I had better things to do than convince people that "The Da Vinci Code" is a fictional book. Even the secular bookstores know enough to keep it out of the history section. So I finished mowing while thinking about something more consequential.

The Bible says in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 that in the last days God will send a powerful delusion. If "The Da Vinci Code" confuses you today then you are going to have ample opportunity to feed that confusion in the future. If your faith has collapsed because of this book (obviously, don't go to the movie) then understand that the kingdom of your soul has just been conquered by a fleet of one canoe. Realize there are many more canoes coming. (For example, "The Gospel of Judas" which is nothing more than an example of a third century "Da Vinci Code". )

I have noticed many churches with signs and banners announcing they will be teaching on "The Da Vinci Code". I suppose now is better than never, but I tend to think that if the churches where teaching and defending the apostolic doctrine week after week and year after year they would not have to let best sellers and the Cinema determine their Sunday topics. Unless of course, the church feels it is their turn to cash in on our confused culture now that Brown has cashed in on the book and Hollywood is about to cash in on the movie. CBD has eight "Da Vinci Code" books on page 58 of May/June catolog and more than fifteen items on their web site.


You may want to listen to some of my previous messages concerning church history, apologetics and the history of the Bible that I have taught from previous Generation Word classes. These are listed below. I would like to suggest you also consider listening to or watching my Easter message entitled, "Confused? It's Your Choice!!". You will need to use Real Player.




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