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Temple Mount
Muslim woman on the temple mound
The el-Aqsa Mosque on the south end of the temple mound. It was first built around 710 AD. It is the third holiest sight in the muslim world. Mecca and Medina are one and two.

Underground passage way dating to the time of the second temple that leads under the mosque and to the double gate on the southern wall.


In the New Testament times this passage way would lead to the large southern wall entrance.
This is connection is seen below.

In this diagram I labeled the Mosque, the above tunnel entrance, and the location of the double gate on the southern wall.


During the time of the New Testament people would enter the temple by ascending the stairs on the southern wall,
enter the double gate, proceed through the public tunnel and emerge on the temple mound platorm by way of
the stairs seen in the picture above by the el-Aqsa Mospue.
A place of washing for the Moslems
Toni and Galyn stand in front of the Dome of the Rock at the flight of stairs that leads up from the elAqsa Mosque
The Dome of the Rock
Toni walking around the Dome of the Rock on the temple mound.
The large platform of the temple mound. The right side of the picture is east and the gate way faces the Mt. of Olives. To the left and out of the picture is the Dome of the Rock. The temple would have sat there in Bible times. The altar of burnt offering would have been towards the left edge of this picture near the two columns.
Here I am taking a picture of the Mount of Olives towards the east. Below you can see the pictures with the sun in the morning sky.
Facing east form the temple mound.

The Mount of Olives. In front on the wall is the Golden Gate.

I was thinking about several verses when I took this picture including Ezekiel 43:1 and Zechariah 14:4.


"Then the man brought me to the gate facing east, and I saw the glory of the God of Israel coming from the east. His voice was like the roar of rushing waters, and the land was
radiant with his glory
- Ezekiel 43:1

"On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Loives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of olives will be split in two from est to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south." - Zechariah 14:4

The Holy of Holies is believed to be under the Dome of the Rock but some scholars believe this is the location where the ark would have sat in the Old Testament temple.
In the New Testament the blood would have been placed directly on this stone which is part of the bedrock at the top of Mount Moriah.

Fort Antonia was at the northwest corner of the temple mount.

This picture shows the bedrock that the fort would have been built on.


A few of the stones remain.

There is a school at this location today.

The stones and bedrock that was the base of Fort Antonia.

Steps leading up to the platform are original to the Herod's temple but not square with the more recent platform.

Leen Ritmeyer as done some measuring and the way these steps are layed out confirms his location for the temple.

An explaination by Ritmeyer concerning the significance of the bend you see between these steps and the diagonal edge further down can be read HERE

See his diagram below two images below.

The steps are original to the temple of the first century. They were used to approach the platform of today that was laid out many years later at a different angle.

Notice the other steps are square with the more recent platform.

This is Ritmeyer's diagram.

Notice where it says "STEP". This is the location in the pictures I took above.

The new 500 cubit square that has been drawn around today's platform would is square with the steps and would be the location of Herod's temple platform.

This is Leen Ritmeyer's diagram.

The stones of the steps and the pavement
The steps that led up to the original platform of Herod's temple. Today they approach the platform at a slight, but noticable angle.
The Golden Gate of the wall on the east side is seen here from the inside.
Inside the Golden Gate.
Galyn inside the Golden Gate on the temple mound. This location will see some intense action in the future.
Inside of a window in the eastern wall.
The Kidron Valley and the Mount of Olives can be seen through the window.
Toni takes a picture of Galyn on the temple mound while Galyn films Toni on the temple mound.
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