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Pool of Bethesda

It was not until 1888 that a group of archeologist uncoverd this pool.

Critics of the authenticity of the Bible had doubted the existence of this site. Some had attributed the 5 colonnades mentioned by John to be symbolic of the first 5 books of the Bible.


In 1888 K. Schick found twin pools here: one 55 feet, a second 65 feet long. The five covered colonnades mentioned by John were also discovered.

The crusaders apparently had believed this to be the Pool mentioned in John 5:1 since they built a crypt or a vault under their church imitating the five porches.

The Crusader church is above ground.

The crusader arches were built in the place of the colonnades of Jesus day.
The tops of these arches are seen in this picture and very clearly in the pictures above.

The pool was at the bottom of these arches.

The crusader church also had an opening in the floor of their church that allowed believers to ascend down to the pool.

The escavation of this site in the late 1800's gave support to the authenticity of the Book of John and recognized its authorship in the first century. This work along with other finds including the John Ryland manuscript supplied devastating blows to liberal theology's position concerning the book of John..

Though the discovery and escavation of this site are fairly recent (1888)), archeology and church tradition have proven to agree with the scriptural account that this is the Pool described in John 5:1.
Under the remains of the Crusader church was this pool of water.
Galyn at the Pool of Bethesda.

This is the walls of one of the pools. The sign can be read in the next photo.

Review Dr. Carl Rasmussen's photos and information concerning the Pool of Bethesda below:,2,6,19,378,398

Galyn Wiemers and Dr. Carl Rasmussen talk at the Pool of Bethesda
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