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You want this book & when you see it you will tell others the same thing!!!

Framework for Christian Faith
- by Galyn Wiemers

Available to order at HERE

Read or download the free .pdf files of this book here

Framework for Christian Faith compiles the notes and handouts from a yearlong Bible School series taught by Galyn Wiemers, founder of Generation Word. It is designed to help believers advance in their own understanding and personal study skills and contains a wealth of information from any areas of Christian study, including apologetics, hermeneutics, the history of the English Bible, Old Testament, the life of Christ, the book of Acts, church history, Greek, the New Testament letters and biblical theology.

The material was originally taught in a fifty-week series of one-hour classes. Each section ends with a list of important facts, review questions, discussion topics and suggested readings. In addition, countless charts, maps and diagrams are found insided to help with visual learning. A companion CD also contains the complete text of the book, maps and diagrams - so all may be reproduced by the reader for personal use or use in teaching and presenting.

Online Blog about Framework - HERE

Some Comments concerning this book:

"This is an extensive yet compact reference tool that every Christian who wants to take his or her faith seriously on an intellectual level needs to own. It's something that can be referred to again and again as we heed Paul's command to "be transformed by the renewing of your mind." If you're a critical thinker looking for the necessary research that will prepare you to engage your faith in pluralistic society, this book is for you.
In an age where "my people perish for lack of knowledge" and intellectualism has been all but jettisoned from the modern American church, Galyn is a welcome contrarian."
- Steve Deace
, WHO 1040 AM, Deace in the Afternoon

"Galyn Wiemers has compiled a useful tool for Christians in our country and throughout the world. His wok provides a personal tool for assisting the believer in understanding their faith and the application of faith to their lives."
- Senator Chuck Grassley

"Galyn Wiemers is one of the most gifted Bible teachers I know, and this collection of study materials he's written is indeed a treasury of Christian information. There have been so many times when a concordance and Bible commentary have not been enough to provide the background I wanted as I prepared to teach or speak to groups. This book is an invaluable reference tool for both the teacher and student of the Bible, providing a clear understanding of the history of the Christian church and an extensive overview of the biblical narrative, its relevance to the world today and its major themes and principles. Whether you have a formal Bible School education or are a lay person laboring for the Kingdom of God, this book is a must-have
- Mike Swaim
, Crosstrainer Leader, West Point Graduate, Vietnam Veteran, Bible teacher and Speaker

"Framework for Christian Faith is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand works of modern times. This book appears at a crucial time in human history, a time where society seems to have lost its mooring to anything steadfast and absolute.  In Isaiah 33:6 we read, "And wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times and strength of salvation." God's Word, the standard from which all teaching and preaching must align, is firmly adhered to in this book. I highly recommend that every Christian who is serious about the gospel own a good Bible, a concordance and this book as the foundation of a library. Galyn Wiemers has given us a masterful resource-practical, systematic theology in a form that's
both usable and nourishing for the body of Christ."
- Joe McGee,
President Joe McGee Ministries/Faith For Families, Tulsa, OK

"Without a doubt, theology is one of the most neglected subjects in the modern evangelical church. Galyn Wiemers and Generation Word Bible Teaching Ministry are at the forefront of teaching the Word of God in a clear practical way. By stressing the importance of understanding the scripture and gaining accurate theology, Galyn is equipping a new generation of young people, passionate about the Word, both living and incarnate. His new book, Framework for Christian Faith, presents a simple, easy-to-understand survey of systematic theology - a topic most necessary in our generation. In an age where the people of God "perish for a lack of knowledge," books like this are a necessity and I heartily encourage fellow young adults to pick it up, devour it and begin their own study of what the Bible teaches."
 - Douglas K. Adu-Boahen
, Award winning Blogger, London, England
See Douglas' Blog on FrameworkHERE

See the full book cover here

Read the blog and see photos of the delivery of the first 1,000 copies here

See the text of this book at the Generation Word Bible School page

Read or download the .pdf files of this book here

Order "Framework for Christian Faith" on HERE

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