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Galyn Wiemers

Thank you for using the GENERATION WORD ONLINE BIBLE SCHOOL. My name is Galyn Wiemers.
I have created this online school, taught the audio and video classes and written the textbook,
Framework for Christian Faith

There are fifty online lessons divided into ten areas of study: Apologetics, Hermeneutics, English Bible,
Old Testament, Life of Christ, Book of Acts, Church History, Greek, New Testament and Theology.
Each of the fifty lessons has its own page of notes that are taken from the textbook. Each chapter
contains review points, questions and source books from my personal library. But, there are
additional features that accompany the online notes that are not available in the hard copy textbook.
The fifty online lesson pages also provide, in addition to the written material, these features:

  • mp3 audio of the notes being taught to a live class
  • RealPlayer video of Galyn Wiemers teaching the material in a classroom setting
  • Supplementary material or internet links to other web sites to reinforce your learning or provide further information for study
  • Online chapter tests over the written text in Framework for Christian Faith. These tests are instantly graded online. These tests can be taken several times for practice since the question and answer order are randomly realigned each time.
  • Blog site with essay questions to express your learning, opinion and additional research.

At the top of each page are three links just like the ones found at the top of this page:

  • Bible School Home Page - which will take you back to the ten topic areas covered in this school
  • Textbook - Framework for Christian Faith .pdf which is a free downloadable online copy of the textbook
  • The Home Page which provides you with more information and much more teaching

Below you can see a simplified form of how each online Bible School lesson is laid out. Towards the top of each page is a box containing links directly to the:

  • Written material on the page: notes, review points, questions, supplementary material (links) and source books
  • Online Audio and Video including a 2004 audio of the classes and audio and video of classes taught in 2009
  • Tests which will take you to either the chapter tests which are instantly graded online or the essay blog which could receive online comments from others

How to use this Online School
This online school provides information and resources for the basic instructional method but you are free to pick and chose what topic you want to study and which of the resources you will use. A student could use this school in some very simple methods. For example:

  • Get the textbook and read it or use it for reference whenever you desire
  • Watch any of the videos online
  • Download the mp3 audio to an mp3 player or ipod and listen to the lessons as you wish
  • Go directly to the tests to see how much you already know (this is the method I would use.)
  • Bookmark this site and look at and follow the links at your convenience

You can also follow a traditional classroom sequence. This would include the following:

  • Obtain a textbook either by email (hardcopy) or online (electronic copy)
  • Read the lesson
  • Watch the video class or listen to the audio lesson taught by Galyn Wiemers
  • Read the review questions at the end of the section in the book or at the bottom of the online lesson page
  • Review the key points listed at the end of the section or lesson
  • Take the online chapter test(s) (sometimes there are more than one textbook chapters covered in a lesson)
  • If you are not pleased with your results on the test, then review the material, and take the test again. This is a great way to review and master the information.
  • For further study read the additional information obtained from online links to other sites.
  • For further research or to state your opinion go to the online blog page to write an essay in response to a topic from the chapter. This may require you to do a little more research and development of your understanding.

When I teach this Bible School material in the classroom many of the students will combine the classroom instruction with the online review, research and testing.

Below is a sample lesson page from the online Bible school. Become familiar with the format below since each of the fifty lessons have a similar lay out. Clicking on the blue titles in the box will do one of the following:

  • link you to a location on this page
  • begin playing the audio or video
  • take you to the entry page for the chapter test
  • take you to a blog page with a comment box to type an essay response

Lesson 1 of 50 - Apologetics (part one) -
Section A, Chapter 1 - Introduction to Apologetics

Section A, Chapter 2 - Uniqueness of Christianity

Online Audio or Video


Written Notes

Review Points


Supplementary Material

Source Books

Quick Time Audio

Real Player Audio

2004 mp3 Audio

2009 mp3 Audio

Real Player Video

Chapter Tests:
Sect A, Ch 1 -Introduction to Apologetics

Sect A, Ch 2 - Uniqueness of Christianity

Essay Tests:
Sect A, Ch 1 - Contrast Faith and Reason

Sect A, Ch 2 - Christianities Uniqueness

Apologetics is the area of Christian study that . . .

KEY POINTS (back to the top)
1) "apologia" means to give a defense by providing evidence
2) . . . .

OTHER SITES with more information concerning apologetics: (back to the top)

1) An Introduction to Christian Apologetics

2) . . . .

APOLOGETIC BOOKS from Galyn's Bookshelf: (back to the top)
"Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Apologetics by Norman L. Geisler, ISBN 0-8010-2151-0

QUESTIONS (back to the top)
1) What is the Greek word for apologetics or defends?
2) What is . . .


Chapter Tests:
Sect A, Ch 1 -Introduction to Apologetics

Essay Tests:
Sect A, Ch 1 - Contrast Faith and Reason