Standing as an Individual; Restoring Strength to Others                          

First Samuel 29 and 30 (message 33)                                                        

  1. Loss of Perspective at Ziklag
    1. The Word is a Seed – Luke 8:11

                                                               i.      Plant word today in your soul for the harvest you will need in the difficult times tomorrow.

    1. Renew your mind to the word of God – Romans 12:2
    2. Put on the full armor of God today so that when the day of evil comes in your life you will be able to stand – Ephesians 6:13
  1. Great Team Players Can Also Stand Alone
    1. Three examples of the mighty men in 2 Samuel 23:8-16
    2. They could fight with the army
    3. They could fight when the army fled and left them alone
  2. David’s Situation:  Why Could David Stand Alone?
    1. His homeland had rejected him
    2. Philistines didn’t trust him
    3. His family was helpless and could not contribute to his needs
    4. His friends blamed him for their problems
    5. He himself would fail
    6. David’s only source of strength was the Lord.  The only way the Lord could strengthen David’s soul was through the truth of the Word of God that David had allowed into his soul.  David had trust in God.  David had hope of the reality of God’s promises.  This allowed David to have faith in the reality of God’s word.  Faith gave David strength to act.
  3. Greatly Distressed (David didn’t encourage himself, he found strength in God.)
    1. 30:6 – David went to God
    2. 28:15 – Saul went to a witch when he was “distressed”
    3. Philippians 2:12-13 – Work it out. . . God is working.
  4. Jesus
    1. Isaiah 53:3 – Despised and rejected
    2. Isaiah 53:10-11 – Maintained perspective, Redeemed Men, Destroyed Sin
    3. The Will of The Lord prospered in Jesus’ hands
  5. David
    1. Rejected by homeland, Philistines, family, friends
    2. Maintained perspective through God’s promises, redeemed families, encouraged his men and destroyed the enemy Amalekites
  6. Psalm 37:1-8 – Do not fret; it leads only to evil
    1. Wait on God
    2. Seek God’s Advice
    3. Find Strength
    4. Do what is right