First Samuel 27




You may be in a “Ziklag” when:

  • You are rejected by the establishment
  • You do what no one else will do
  • No one really knows or understands what you do or why you do it
  • The  enemy doesn’t even understand what you are doing


Ziklag is the test for kings:

  • Can you do what is right when you are left alone, rejected and abandoned?
  • Can you stay focused and stay on task when:               
    • No one is there telling you what to do
    • No one is expecting you to continue
    • No one knows you do right
    • No one is rewarding or recognizing you



David was in a complicated situation;

  • He had to leave Israel
  • He couldn’t attack the Philistines
  • He couldn’t attack Judah and Israel
  • He had to convince Achish he was attacking Judah
  • He couldn’t ruin his future relationship with Judah and the other tribes

David resolved this situation by:

  • Attacking God’s enemies: the Amalekites
  • He ignored Saul
  • He lived at peace with Achish and the Philistines


David is following God and continues to do what is right.  The results are:

1)      David restored the city of Ziklag to Israel

a.       Joshua 5:31 and 19:5

b.      Ziklag was given to Judah and was their city (Jos. 5:31)

c.       Simeon was given territory within Judah and the city was included (Jos. 19:5)

d.      The Philistines had invaded Simeon and taken Ziklag.  They left it as an empty ghost town.

2)      David restored the men

a.       1 Chronicles 12:1-7 – Gives a list of men (“kinsmen of Saul from the tribe of Benjamin”) that left Israel to join David.

b.      1 Chronicles 12:8-15 gives a list of men from Gad with faces of lions (not moved by circumstances or emotion) that had joined David at the stronghold near the Dead Sea.

c.       1 Chronicles 12:16-18 lists more men from the tribe of Benjamin that joined David at En Gedi

d.      1 Chronicles 12:19-22 lists the men who joined David when he will march off with the Philistines to fight Saul

3)      David restored Israel to their purpose

a.       Exodus 17:8 the Amelakites attacked Israel from behind as they left Egypt.

b.      Deuteronomy 25:17-18 Moses tells the second generation to destroy the Amalekites and adds: “Do not forget!”

c.       1 Samuel 15 – Saul fails to destroy the Amelakites

d.      David begins to raid and destroy God’s enemies from Ziklag with men from Israel.


David is doing what Israel was supposed to be doing for many years.

The church also has a mission.  God’s purpose for the church will not change. 

We either do it or we do not.

Just like David followed God and fulfilled God’s purpose for Israel even when no one else was, we to can choose to follow God when others (including the modern church) do not.



2 Timothy 3:10 - 4:5

2 Corinthians 10:3-6