First Samuel 22

  • David Goes to the Cave of Adullam
  • David takes family to Mizpah in Moab
  • Doeg the Edomite kills priests at Nob
  • David hides in the Forest of Hereth
  • Abiathar the Priest Escapes to David in the Forest

Cave of Adullam
David hid in the "cave of Adullam."

Today there are many caves at the site and it's not clear which one or ones
David used, as many have been used and modified in the years since.

While he was here, 400 men who were in debt, distress or discontent, gathered around David.


  • Psalm 142 by David at the Cave of Adullam
  • Psalm 52 by David When Doeg told King Saul

Priestly Family (1 Chronicles 24:3; 1 Samuel 14:3)




            Hophni             Phineas


Ichabod                               Ahitub


        Zadok         Ahimelech (Ahijah)


                       Azariah      Ahimaaz           Abiathar




The ephod was the sacred vestment of the High Priest. It was constructed of
two pieces of embroidered linen, and covered the back and the chest.
The Ephod was worn under an attached breastplate set with twelve precious
stones representing the twelve tribes of Israel.


1 Samuel 23:6, “Now Abiathar son of Ahimelech had brought the ephod
down with him when he fled to David at Keilah.”