Romans 1:18-22


Romans 1:18  apokaluptetai THERE IS REVEALED     gar FOR   orgh WRATH 

qeou OF GOD     ap FROM       ouranou HEAVEN       epi UPON      pasan ALL         
asebeian UNGODLINESS         kai  AND adikian UNRIGHTEOUSNESS    anqrwpwn OF MEN      
 twn WHO   thn THE      alhqeian TRUTH      en IN         adikia UNRIGHTEOUSNESS katecontwn HOLD


Before Paul continues with the discussion of the Gospel he presents the world’s need for the gospel.
Part of presenting the gospel is presenting the need for the gospel. 
Without a knowledge of holiness of God men will live in their darkness without   knowledge of their darkness.


In 1:17 the righteousness of God was revealed.

Here in 1:18 the wrath of God is being revealed


God has revealed his righteousness through acts and words in history.

Yet God’s full manifestation of righteousness has not been seen.  When he returns                     
he will reveal his righteousness and it will have an effect.

Even today we can respond to the righteousness of God already revealed.

            Today God reveals righteousness for us to respond to.


This is also true of God’s wrath.

God has and is revealing his wrath against sin in history.
He will continue to reveal his wrath until it ultimately and finally is revealed in the end upon his return.


God’s judgment in history as time progresses not only includes his active participation but more so
as described in these verses “paradidonai” – “to give over” (1:24)


“From Heaven” - ap ouranou
There is a “wrath” that is built into the creation.  When you live in rebellion to the laws

that God has established things naturally punish us.

Here the wrath is described as being directly from heaven.  This speaks of a wrath that is

by God’s direct intervention.


The object of this divine wrath is:

1)      all the godlessness or men – this is discussed in 1:19-27

2)      all the wickedness of men – this is developed in 28-32


“Godlessness” – means not having fear or reverence for God. 

a)  It places man’s views and values in contrast with God’s plans and purposes.

b) This can not only be passive neglect but must manifest as open rebellion.

c) This is an attitude and an act towards God.


“Wickedness” – is injustice and is expressed in the way men treat each other

a)      This is an attitude and an act toward mankind.



From the giving of the Law of Moses through Jesus teaching these are the focus of right living:

1)      Fear God

2)      Kindness to Men


Which is the greatest command? (Matthew 22:36)

“ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all             
 your mind.’  This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like
it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  All the Law and the Prophets hang on these

            two commandments.”


                        #1 – Deuteronomy 6:5

                                    (Dt. 6:12 – “. . .do not forget the Lord. . .”

                        #2 – Leviticus 19:18

(Lev. 19:1-19 – “respect . . .leave them for the poor. . .do not steal. . .do not lie. .                                    
. do not defraud. . .do not hold back wages. . .do not curse the deaf. . .do not                                                        

pervert justice. . . judge fairly. . . do not spread slander. . .do not endanger your                                                   
neighbor. . .do not hate. . . rebuke frankly. . . do not seek revenge. . . do not bear                                                  
a grudge. . .”)


                Prophets brought the same message of fearing the Lord and performing social    justice.


Immorality in life is a result in the corruption and lack of doctrine.



“The truth in unrighteousness hold”  thn   alhqeian   en adikia  katecontwn

Suppression of the truth shows that they have knowledge of the truth.

This will be explained next in 1:19.


Truth is:

a)      Absolute and independent on people’s support

b)      Will result in action and lifestyle when believed.

c)      To suppress the truth will result in false (wrong) actions







Romans 1:19    dioti BECAUSE     to THAT   gnwston WHICH IS KNOWN tou   OF

qeou  GOD      faneron MANIFEST      estin IS       en AMONG autoiV  o THEM     
gar FOR      qeoV GOD         autoiV TO THEM efanerwsen MANIFESTED IT



a)      men suppress the truth through unrighteous thoughts and unrighteous actions

b)      people who suffer God’s wrath are responsible for the wrath they receive


Four basic arguments for the absolute need for God to exist:

a)  Creation

            1) Since there is a universe it had to have a creator. 

            2) You can not have a watch without a watch maker

            3) Paul uses this in Romans 1:19-20

            4) Plato developed this as the immovable mover.

            5) Follow the Kalam Cosmological Argument

b)  Design– all design implies a creator

c)  Moral law– describes what ought to be seen among men but is not always there.  It is          
           a standard of behavior that exists because of God.

d)  Being– The human concept of perfection exists, yet it is not seen in creation.  Since  
           we strive for perfection in all areas but have never seen it then perfection must    

exist.  The concept of God encompasses the concept of perfection.





Romans 1:20      ta  gar FOR THE       aorata INVISIBLE THINGS autou OF HIM

apo FROM        ktisewV EATION     

kosmou OF THE WORLD        toiV BY THE      poihmasin THINGS MADE nooumena BOTH         
kaqoratai  h  te ETERNAL       aidioV  autou HIS dunamiV  POWER        kai AND       
 qeiothV DIVINITY       eiV  to FOR einai TO BE        autouV THEM     anapologhtouV WITHOUT EXCUSE


God’s invisible qualities have been revealed through the physical world.  This way         
               natural man can understand qualities of the immortal God.

His invisible attributes are summed up in two phrases:

a)      his eternal power – he is divine, he is beyond our universe, he is the creator, he is the judge, he is the alpha and the omega

b)      his divine nature” – his character of righteousness, holiness, justice, love are all revealed in the creation.









Romans 1:21  dioti BECAUSE        gnonteV ton  HAVING KNOWN qeon GOD

ouc NOT      wV  AS      qeon GOD     
edoxasan THE GLORIFIED HIM      h OR      
eucaristhsan WERE THANKFUL        all BUT
emataiwqhsan  BECAME VAIN      en IN        toiV THEIR
dialogismoiV  autwn REASONINGS        kai AND     
eskotisqh  h WAS DARKENED THE     
asunetoV WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING         autwn OF THEM kardia HEART


having known” in the sense of general revelation


We are not talking about a saving knowledge and other information that is attained by    special revelation through the word of God and its understanding the           empowerment of the Spirit




Section One 1:18-20 – God’s existence, his righteousness and his wrath have and are  revealed.


Section Two 1:21-31 – Describes how people suppress and exchange God’s revelation of existence, his righteousness and his wrath (judgment)                


People do:

God does:


People “exchange” the truth for idols

God “hands them over


People “exchange” the truth for a lie

God “hands them over


People “exchange” natural sexual practices for unnatural

God “hands them over


Section Three 1:32 - Combines 1:18-20 with 21-31 to form the conclusion:

·        They know requirements

·        They know the penalty

·        They continue to sin

·        They approve of those who join with them