First Peter 3:8, 9


General Revelation teaches all men to be just and do what is right

Special Revelation effects how we think and how we feel.


In 1 Peter 3:8 there are five imperatives for the believer

In 1 Peter 3:9 there is one imperative on how do interact with the non-believer


The Five Imperative

  1. One Mind
  2. Sympathetic
  3. Love Brothers
  4. Compassionate
  5. Humble Minded


The first and last (#1 and #5) deal with how we think.

The second and Fourth (#2 and #4) deal with how we feel.

The middle one is brotherly love.



“Finally” conclusion of the group exhortations.  This is the transition into the summary as we move from ethical duties to Christian Character.



1 All of One Mind – means like minded, inward unity.  Speaks of the goal and purpose of the body of Christ.  When spiritual goals are unified it

makes division difficult.  There is one body but many spiritual gifts or many parts.  The church’s goal is to:

    1. Mature the saints
    2. Evangelize the world

Read Romans 12:14-16 and Philippians 1:27; 2:2

2.  Sympathetic – means full of sympathy and sharing feelings.  The Greek word is made up of             two words that mean: a) “to be affected” or “to feel  and    b) “with”.  This word “sympathetic” means to have feelings stirred up by circumstances and to have a readiness to enter into the feelings of others either joy or sorrow.  If we can have sincere feelings then our actions towards them will always be appropriate.  Read Hebrews 4:15 where   Jesus was and is a high priest who acted because he had this experience of “sympathy” for us.

3.  Love as brothers

4.  Compassionate – tenderness, tender hearted.  In first century society it was a cold society.  Mt. 24:12 “the love of most will grow cold”

1 Timothy 3:1,2 “lovers of themselves and lovers of pleasure.”   Christianity is charitable and this is seen during the Christian holiday of Christmas. 


5. Humble Minded – modest opinion of oneself.  Willing to use all your talent and ability to achieve the group goal and not be the body part going a different way.



“Blessing” means to speak well of someone.  It has the idea of having a friendly disposition that results in actions such as prayer and good deeds.