First Peter 3:12-16



God is attentive to us who do right

1)      eyes are upon

2)      ears are “into” our prayers


This is a statement of victory in situations.

If we will continue to do right God will always be with us.



If verse 12 is correct then who will harm you?

There are two reasons why you have nothing to fear when you do what is right:

1)      People will not come against you if you do what is right

2)      God will always be with you if you do what is right


eager” is the word for “zealot” and means in the Greek “to burn with zeal, desire earnestly


These verses have a prophetic sound to them: If you will pursue what is right things will be good!



even if you should” indicates a rare thing

ei kai is “if” in the fourth class condition in the Greek




Example Verse

1st Class

“if and it is true”

1 Co. 15:2 – I know you are”

2nd Class 

“if and it is not true”

1 Co. 2:8        Luke 7:39

3rd Class

“if and I don’t know”

Matt. 4:9

4th Class

“if and I wish but it is not true”
”if but it is not probable”

Luke 22:67
1 Peter 3:14


“Be not affected with fear by the fear which they strive to inspire in your hearts”


Isaiah 8:12 – written to the believers in the nation which was coming under judgment

Isaiah 8:13 – Yhwh of armies



set apart” is sanctify or a pagan term for setting a building aside for religious purposes

“Christ” is cpistoV or Anointed One, Messiah
”Lord is  kurioV and is the Greek word for YHWH from the OT and the Greek word “master”


answer” is apologia which means to give a defence.  It is literally “to talk off from” refers to and attorney who talked his client “off from” the charges


Today we need to be able to talk charges off from the accusations of modernism, humanism atheism or doubt.


This is a verbal defense.

3:12, 13 began with defense by good deeds
3:16 will again return to good deeds


So we see here these steps:

1)      do good

2)      people like you for your good deeds

3)      or, people oppose you in spite of your good deeds

4)      you continue to good and trust (fear) YHWH of Armies or Lord Christ

5)      people ask you why you act different or have hope

6)      you verbally explain or defend the Lord and his word

7)      you continue to do good to show your defense to be true