First Peter 1:22-2:2



purified – perfect tense indicates a state from regeneration.  This would be positional sanctification.


obeying truth” refers to obeying the gospel

a)      Acts 15:9

b)      2 Thes. 1:8


sincere love”

            sincere” means unfeigned, genuine, without play acting

            New life shows we have been born again

            We need to be “real”


love one another”

This is a command in the aorist tense which is used often in the Greek with the command           
to develop conduct which is the opposite of previous conduct.


intense” (ektenoV)  means intense, fervent, urgent



have been” is in the perfect tense to stress the state


born again” as in John 3:3


not perishable seed” – man’s seed is perishable.  Read Psalm 90.

imperishable” – God’s seed is imperishable


living – the Word is living and gives life Ps. 33:9; Is. 55:10-11; Heb. 4:12


enduring – God is eternal and so what he says is eternal and enduring


word of God”

            word” is “logos” (logoV) which means the rational expression. 

This is God’s revelation of himself.



Isaiah 40:6-8 – which refers to human help as weak and temporal compared to

God’s promises and deliverance which is eternal


Ps. 37:2; Ps. 90: 5-6; Ps. 102:11; Ps. 103:15-16; James 1:10-11



Here “word” in “word of the Lord” is “rhema” (‘rhma)which means “utterance, or spoken word”



“Rid” refers to removing and laying aside a coat

This refers to the practical or the temporal sanctification


These character traits must be avoided for the Christian community (local church) to survive.

Peter’s readers have enough trouble from the world and situations. 

They do not need trouble from church members also.


Moses was an Egyptian in Ex. 2:19, but 40 years later he had grown into God’s man.


Naman in 2 Kings 5 as a new believer had three things that the word would have to

change as he became a man of God:

a)      He wanted to pay God for his healing

b)      He wanted to take what he thought was “holy” soil back to his country

c)      He was planning on continuing to participate in idol worship

All of these things and views would change as he grew in the word.


The five flaws:



Normal babies:

a)      make messes

b)      make noise

but also they,

c)      desire milk

d)      grow


crave” means to feed them the truth.  Do not teach them to “act” like a Christian and so

be a hypocrite.  Teach them the truth.


Notice there is no list of positive virtues listed here to be opposites of 2:1. 

Don’t give them a list, but instead teach them the truth. 


The word that got them saved (born again, conceived them spiritually) is the same

thing they need to grow.


pure means not feign, fake or acting.  It is the Greek word adolos and is in

contrast to the word “deceit” in 2:1 which is doloV.  The “a-“ makes

it “not- doloV” or “anti-doloV” or “not-deceitful”